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Dr. Oz’s 7-Minute Workout on Rachael Ray

Rachael Ray ShowTune in to Rachael Ray this Friday, May 13 for special guest Dr. Oz. The trusted doctor will unveil a seven-minute workout that can help you really lose weight. While there’s no substitute for the health benefits of getting a good hour’s workout in, some days you just don’t have time to hit the gym. That’s where this short yet effective workout can help you reach your weight-loss goal.

Dr. Oz will also be answering questions from audience members in a round of “Rock Around the Doc” and Rachael will be cooking up a healthy spring pasta with linguini, peas and herbs.


Christina Heads Back to Camp on Rachael Ray

Christina on Rachael RayTune in this Friday, May 6 to the Rachael Ray Show for the continuation of Christina’s story. She’s an 18-year-old high schooler who intends to lose 70 pounds by prom. Every other Friday, Rachael Ray checks in with Christina to learn about her weight loss progress for the week.

This week, Christina heads back to weight loss camp. She make one trip to a boot camp style weight loss, which was a huge challenge but proved to be rewarding in the end. Will this camp experience be the same? The show’s trailer claims that there’s a big twist in store for viewers.


80-Second Exercises on Rachael Ray

This week on the Rachael Ray ShowTune in to Rachael Ray this Friday, April 29 to discover the 80-second exercises that can help you get the body you want in no time. Timothy Ferriss, the author of The 4-Hour Body: An Uncommon Guide to Rapid Fat-Loss, Incredible Sex, and Becoming Superhuman will show viewers some of the secrets in his book.

Ferriss is also the author of New York Times Bestseller The 4-Hour Workweek. In The 4-Hour Body, he covers a diverse range of topics that relate to the body, as the title might imply. The book endorses an eating plan that’s very similar to the paleo diet, which mainly consists of meats and vegetables. The 4-Hour Diet also outlines a workout that can help burn fat and build muscle.


Bob Harper’s House Tour on Rachael Ray

The Rachael Ray Show

UPDATE [8/1/2011]: This episode will air again on August 5, 2011.

Tune in to The Rachael Ray show on Tuesday, April 19th for a special make over with Bob Harper. The lovable Biggest Loser trainer recently overhauled his home in Los Angeles home. Bob loves to cook, so his kitchen is sure to be a chef’s dream! Plus, you’ll get to see a peak inside his fridge, to see if Bob is keeping up with the healthy advice he gives his clients.

Back in Rachael Ray‘s kitchen, Bob shows viewers a healthy version of a favorite Chinese take-out dish. He’s cooking up a yummy stir-fry that features quinoa, shiitake mushrooms, jalapenos and lots of fresh veggies. Rachael also takes on the tuna-melt, and transforms this sandwich into a gourmet meal.

Check your local listings for exact show times.

Rocco DiSpirito’s Healthy Easter Tips on Rachael Ray

Rachael RayTune in to The Rachael Ray show on Friday, April 22nd for some tips on how to make Easter a healthy holiday from chef Rocco DiSpirito. Easter candy doesn’t have to be bad for your family, that’s why chef DiSpirito will help you build an Easter basket that’s fun and healthy! Plus, he’ll share a decadent recipes for silken chocolate mousse that’s way fewer than 350 calories.

Rocco DiSpirito is the author behind Now Eat This cookbook and the Now Eat This Diet. The cookbook features 150 of your favorite comfort foods, made-over to be more nutritious and lower in calories. He’s also frequently a guest on The Biggest Loser, where he helps contestants learn to cook healthy yet delicious meals.

Check your local listings for exact show times.

Eva Longoria’s Favorite Recipes on Rachael Ray

Rachael Ray

UPDATE [8/1/2011]: This episode will air again on  August 2, 2011.

Tune in to Rachael Ray today, April 11 to see Eva Longoria cooking up some of her favorite recipes. The Desperate Housewives star will demonstrate how to make delicious enchiladas rojas from her new cookbook, Eva’s Kitchen. The book is inspired by Longoria’s childhood on a ranch, so she’s invited her mom to be a guest on the show as well. Eva recently joked that she’s on the “divorce diet,” and will be dishing about her dating life with Rachael.

Also on Monday’s episode, Dr. Ian will show viewers how they can lose weight while still eating delicious foods with tips from his new book Eat. After all, losing weight works best when you find a way to eat fewer calories without feeling deprived.


Christina’s Weigh-In on Rachael Ray

Christina's StoryTune in to Rachael Ray this Friday, April 15 for anther update with Christina’s Story and a look at athletic shoes that may be hurting your workouts.

Christina is an overweight teenager who is determined to lose 70 pounds before her prom at the end of this school year. Each Friday, Rachael checks in on Christina’s progress. She’s been eating right and sticking to her gym schedule, so this week should prove to be another success.

Also on Friday’s episode, on expert takes a look at how gym shoes affect your workout. She explains how the wrong pair of shoes can undermine your workout and prevent you from reaching certain fitness goals.


Jillian Michaels’ Makeover Surprise on Rachael Ray

Jillian Michaels and Rachael RayTune in to Rachael Ray this Tuesday, April 12 for an inspirational weight loss success story. Motivated by The Biggest Loser, this couple decided to work together to change their lifestyle and lose weight. Between the two of them, they lost over 400 pounds. Now with some help from Rachael, they’re going to meet Jillian Michaels in person. They get a makeover that suits their healthier selves.

Not only is Jillian Michaels a trainer on The Biggest Loser, she’s also the author of several books and has her own line of fitness products, which includes DVDs and dietary supplements. Her newest book, Unlimited, was released just last week on April 5th.

Check your local listings for show times.

Hungry Girl Recipes on Rachael Ray

Rachael Ray LogoTune in to Rachael Ray this Tuesday, April 5 for delicious recipes that are less than 300 calories from Hungry Girl Lisa Lillien. Lillien will show how to make vegged-out potato salad, grilled fuji apple and chicken sandwiches, fruit skewer dogs and a raw apple roll-up. Plus, there will be a chance for viewers to win her newest cookbook.

Lisa Lillien is the author of the Hungry Girl book series, which show you how to feel full and satisfied while still cutting down on calories. Her books include Hungry Girl Happy Hour and Hungry Girl 200 Under 200.


Rocco DiSpirito on Rachael Ray

Rachael Ray talk show

UPDATE: This episode will air again on July 20, 2011.

Tune in to Rachael Ray on Tuesday, March 29 for healthy cooking tips from chef Rocco DiSpirito. These aren’t your average healthy food recipes, but low calorie versions of comfort foods that can still help you lose weight. Chef DiSpirito will show viewers how to make jalapeno poppers, meat balls and chicken fingers, which he says can still help you lose 10 pounds in just two weeks.

Rocco DiSpritio just released a new book, the Now Eat This Diet. The book is a follow up to Now Eat This, a cookbook full of healthy versions of all your favorite comfort foods. The Now Eat This Diet lays out how to use delicious foods to help you lose weight while eating six meals per day.

Check your local TV listings for exact show times.