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Flat Belly Diet Boasts a 91 Percent Weight Loss Success Rate [Win a Copy of the Book!]

The Flat Belly Diet has made waves across the weight loss community. Boasting a 91 percent success rate, Prevention’s Flat Belly Diet claims to help users lose weight all-around, but it also seems to target fat loss specifically in the belly. In general, spot reduction is considered a myth, but The American Diabetic Association conducted a study that just may prove the opposite. According to the ADA and Prevention Magazine, eating large amounts of fat may actually help you achieve a flat belly- monounsaturated fats, of course!

The Flat Belly Diet works by prescribing meals high in monounsaturated fatty acids, or MUFAs. Foods that are naturally rich in MUFAs include fish, olive oil, avocado, dark chocolate, nuts, seeds, peanut butter and more. Another key component of the Flat Belly Diet is water consumption. Users are encouraged to drink Sassy Water which is enhanced with ginger.

Like most diet plans these days, this one offers an online weight loss system of peers and support for your journey. One downfall of the diet is that it blatantly de-emphasizes exercise. I have no doubt that there are people who lose weight without exercising but that’s really not the point. The benefits of working out are so numerous, and beside reaching a healthy weight, it’s important for your body to function at its highest potential which can only be achieved through an active lifestyle. The Flat Belly Diet looks like a fabulous system, but don’t neglect your overall fitness.