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Fitter Moms Have an Opportunity to be Better Moms

By Cat Poland, a work-at-home mom blogging at CatPoland.com.

Car doors closing quietly, subdued greetings, sneaker-laced feet shuffling as stretches begin, hands slapping at mosquitoes eager for an early-morning snack. At 5 a.m. on a weekday morning, these are the sounds of the Fitness Junkies, all mothers (or grandmothers) who are committed to pushing their bodies to the brink of collapse all in the name of getting a good workout.

I went once, puked twice, and haven’t returned. That was before my second child, and despite my utter and complete failure during my first go-round, I’m considering giving it another try. Why?

Well, I have a confession to make. Sometimes, I want to run away from my children. No, not “Thelma and Louise” style running away, but good, old-fashioned, feet-pounding-pavement running away. I just want to escape, feel blood coursing through my veins, and just be alone. Completely and sweetly alone.

Of course, I would eventually run back (if I didn’t collapse somewhere along the way). I love my darling babies, but as a new work-at-home mom, I need “me” time. Not only that, but I need more energy (and strength, mental clarity, etc.). I went from sitting at a computer for 50+ hours a week, to chasing around a one-year-old and three-year-old overnight. As much as I love my new gig, I’m not physically prepared! (more…)

Aishwarya Rai Pressured by Bollywood Fans to be Skinny after Baby

Celebrity pregnancies are a very popular topic right now. More than the new baby is the trending topic about the mother’s weight gain and her return to her previous figure. Jessica Simpson has been criticized for her weight gain while Beyonce has been praised for her red carpet figure just a few weeks after delivery. While inquiring minds like to dig into celebrity lives in America, the tabloids are mild here in comparison to those in Bollywood.

Aishwarya Rai is a famous Bollywood star. She’s been praised for her beauty and her perfection throughout her career. Rai, who is called Ash by fans, recently gave birth to her first child. Her fans and the press have been brutal towards her regarding her post-baby figure.

One commenter stated that, “She is a Bollywood actress and being a part of showbiz, it is her duty to look good and fit. Till now she has been praised for her beauty, so it is only fair that she should also be criticised if she is not able to live up to it.”

This and other even harsher comments are spread across the media regarding the new mother’s larger frame. Those who defend Ash have pointed out the unrealistic standard that the masses expect her to live up to. (more…)

Beyonce’s Post-Baby Body Wows Fans at Carnegie Hall

New mom Beyonce was spotted out on the town looking healthier than ever just one month after the birth of her daughter. Beyonce and her husband Jay-Z welcomed Blue Ivy into their lives on January 7, 2012.

On February 7 and 8, 2012 the power couple was attending and hosting a major benefit at New York’s Carnegie Hall. While Jay-Z was the headline performer as he performed a benefit concert for the United Way of New York City and his Shawn Carter Scholarship Foundation, it looks like Mrs. Jay-Z may have stolen the show.

Both nights of the show Beyonce showed up wearing skintight dresses and heels to match. Not many new moms can even manage a grocery trip in sweats one month postpartum, let alone recall to accessorize. Beyonce not only accessorized, but had flawless hair to match her impressive look. (more…)

5 Tips to Keep Up With Your Fitness After Baby

By Erin Whitehead for FitBottomedMamas.com

Committing to a proactive postnatal fitness routine is easy pre-baby, but with parenthood comes a variety of challenges that can land even the best-laid exercise plans on the back burner. So how do you stay committed? Postnatal fitness expert and Stroller Strides founder Lisa Druxman weighs in with some tips to keep mom motivated to stick with her postnatal workout—with the help of her BOB stroller, the official stroller of Stroller Strides.


Valerie Waters on Celebrity Fitness, Postpartum Nutrition and Blissdom 2011

Valerie Waters is a celebrity trainer who has an approachable take on fitness. Also a spokesperson for California Raisins, she’s actively living a healthy life and works to help others, whether her clients or fans, do the same. She has nearly 20 years experience in the business, has worked with such names as Hugh Jackman, Jennifer Garner and Jessica Biel, and regularly appears in some of the most watched morning shows and read magazines.

We spoke with Valerie Waters about what it takes to get fit like a celebrity, how to tackle postpartum nutrition, and about her upcoming appearance with California Raisins at the 2011 Blissdom event. Her expert advice is some of the most realistic we’ve ever heard, and Hollywood or Hometown, you can apply it to your life.

Valerie on Celebrity Fitness

We asked Valerie what we can do at home to train like her clients. Her advice? You might be surprised to hear that it wasn’t expensive trainers, hours a day in the gym and fancy chef-prepared meals. Instead, it was “Decide that you want it.”

Valerie said her celeb clients aren’t any more interested in waking up early on dark and cold mornings to workout than we are, but when you make that commitment it’s no longer an option. “Then you’re not negotiating with yourself at six a.m.”

Watch Valerie speak more about this.


Alison Sweeney Introduces The Mommy Diet

Moms are a special breed. They do it all, and then some more, and rarely complain and hardly ever ask for anything in return. What happens in all of this psuedo-superwoman-esque-ness is that they give up a lot of themselves in order to care for a household, the children in it, the spouse, and the hundred other people and things that demand their attention each day.

Alison Sweeney is one of those moms. She has two kids, two jobs, an adoring husband, and, let’s be honest, what from the outside appears to be a pretty fabulous life. But brass tacks, she’s still a mom trying to do everything she can to maintain and manage. So, she wrote The Mommy Diet.

The book is supposed to help all these superwomen do it all AND do some for themselves, too. It’s all about getting fit and staying that way before, during and after pregnancy… even if it’s several years after.

I had a chance to speak with Alison about her new book, during a break from Biggest Loser 10 finale rehearsals. She’s excited about the book, and should be, because there’s a lot of information in there women… moms… need to hear.


A New Mom’s Date Night in Biggest Loser Body’s Slimming Support Wear

The ultimate test in fitness isn’t so much a scale number as it is the way you fit in your jeans. So just two weeks after having my first baby this past spring I had a crazy moment and decided to slip into the jeans that had fit perfectly just nine months prior. No go. Disappointed? Of course. But it only fueled my already lit fire to get back in shape. While I’m really proud of the progress I’ve made in the past 5.5 months – the jeans fit and I recently completed my first half-marathon –  there’s still work to do.

Fast forward to a recent date night with my husband and I, of course, wanted to look my best. All the new-mom doubt about how I look turned on as soon as I slid the jeans on. They fit, but not how I’d like. So on this night, I decided to try my new Biggest Loser Body shaping capri. They’re Biggest Loser‘s version of Spanx – an elastic capri pant that seamlessly slides under your clothes to present a more smooth figure.

I’ve done the Spanx thing under slim-fitting dresses before, but never under pants. I was thrilled when the top I was wearing seemed to go from frump to fab. That extra “whatever” around my middle seemed to disappear. Best of all, I was comfortable!

I didn’t give the capri a second thought the rest of the night, and even scored a compliment from the hubs! Although, once back home, it totally had the “stuffed bra after a date” affect. (more…)

Alison Sweeney’s The Mommy Diet Releases December 2010

We watch and marvel as celebrities seem to get pregnant, have babies, and walk a red carpet (what feels like) days or weeks later looking better than ever. But once in a while, in what feels like a “They’re Just Like Us” segment from Us Weekly, a star comes along who seems to face the same battles as the rest of us, one being Alison Sweeney.

She’s a working mom juggling not one but two jobs, as the beloved host of The Biggest Loser and on the long-running soap Days of Our Lives, while caring for her two young children, Ben and Megan. Alison announced her second pregnancy during the show’s sixth season. As if all eyes weren’t on her anyway, being the host of a weight loss show we were curious to see how she’d bounce back. And now, she’s showing us exactly how she maintained healthy pregnancy and healthy postpartum routines. Her first book, The Mommy Diet, releases December 2010 and is sure to become a favorite of mommies everywhere. (more…)

Yoga for Postpartum

Doing yoga after giving birth is not just a great way to get back in shape, it can also help new moms deal with the pressures and stress of caring for a newborn infant.

In fact, many of Hollywood’s fittest moms credit yoga to helping them reclaim their pre-baby body. For some, they even attest to yoga helping them develop a leaner and stronger physique than before they were pregnant.

Here is what you need to know about yoga for postpartum:


From sleepless nights to a sagging baby belly, the last thing that many new moms want to do is perform physical exercise. But yoga, with its amazing ability to tone the body and ease the mind, can provide enormous benefits to a young mom. Even just a few minutes can rev up the heart, tighten soft abdominal muscles and bring a sense of energy and vitality to a woman who has just given birth.

Plus, since all you need for yoga is a few quiet minutes and a yoga mat, it can be done while your new baby sleeps or kicks around in his or her bouncy seat. With its ability to help women lose weight and tone up while keeping stress down, yoga may offer benefits in helping prevent the symptoms of postpartum depression.


Gwyneth Paltrow Lost the Baby Weight with Tracy Anderson’s Help

Gwyneth Paltrow Reveals How she Lost the Baby WeightLike many women, Gwyneth Paltrow found losing weight more difficult after her second child than after her first. “After my first pregnancy, the weight had come off a little bit better but after the second one it was really stubborn. It was really hanging on,” the 37-year-old told The Press Association. She gave birth to her second child, Moses, in 2006, and found getting back to her ideal figure difficult. “It was not easy and, when I started it, it was by far the hardest thing I have ever done – but I really was seeing results so it motivated me to just work through it.”

Paltrow is planning on releasing a cookbook titled, My Father’s Daughter, in memory of her dad. But she didn’t let her love of good food get in the way of a healthy diet and fit body.

Paltrow enlisted the help of personal trainer Tracy Anderson to lose the baby weight. The actress insisted that her achievement is something everyone can do, “every woman can make time – every woman – and you can do it with your baby in the room.” Paltrow didn’t let her workout get in the way of spending time with her children. “There’ve been countless times where I’ve worked out with my kids crawling around all over the place. You just make it work, and if it’s important to you, it’ll be important to them.”

Here is DietsInReview.com’s complete review of  the Tracy Anderson Post-Pregnancy Workout DVD.