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Yoga for Dogs

You love your dog and you love yoga. What you probably didn’t realize is that your dog might also love the ancient mind-body practice, as well.

Dogs have the esteemed position of having two of the most popular poses in yoga (Downward Dog and Upward Dog) named after them. Dubbed “doga,” yoga classes that are done by both dog and dog owner are popping up all over the country.

In a typical doga class, the owners help their dogs perform different poses, as well as their own poses using their furry, four-legged friend as a supportive prop. Owners also perform dog massages and acupressure to help relax and calm their pets. (more…)

How to Lose Weight at 20

healthy young coupleDuring your 20s, you want to establish positive habits that can carry you through a long, healthy life. Stay active, eat right and follow these 10 tips to ensure you’re doing all you can to maintain a healthy weight, or lose a few extra college pounds.

1. Focus on cardio: Hit the cardio for at least 45 minutes to an hour. I recommend the treadmill, elliptical, or bike.

2. Weight training: Try using circuit training or super-setting styles to increase your heart rate and endurance.

3. Diet: Find a diet that you can stick to that is low in fat, sugar, sodium, carbohydrates, but high in fiber, protein, and other needed nutrients. MyPyramid is a good resource. (more…)

A Pet’s Food Preferences: Do They Mirror Yours?

Cat and dog owners are often described as if they are distinctly different people. I don’t know that it’s been studied to great depth, but my own anecdotal view is that there are only stereotypes that don’t represent the full scope of pet owners’ personalities.

However, Professor Richard Wiseman of the University of Hertfordshire has studied how pets take on the personalities of their owners. And he came up with some strong evidence. (Maybe that explains why my pug is a bit shy and a worrier… but I digress.) (more…)

Working Out With Man’s Best Friend

My best friend is my black lab named Chance. He is 10-months old and loves to WATCH me work out in my basement. Dogs are amazing animals and they are a huge influence on my happiness. I could not imagine living without a dog because of the companionship, happy-go-lucky personalities, and loyalty they provide. If you are not a dog lover or are living dog free, I strongly recommend adopting a lab or similar breed due to all the positive qualities they possess. For all you dog (or other pet) lovers out there, I have put together a few fitness activities that you and your beloved pet can do together; besides playing fetch with the tennis ball or Frisbee.

Top 5 Fitness Activities For You and Your Pet

1. Go for a nice stroll around the neighborhood (at least 30 to 60 minutes worth)

2. Take them to the local track and run/walk the bleachers (great cardio for you both)

3. Swim with him/her, I know my dog loves to swim

4. Indoor/Outdoor hide and seek: Have your dog sit and then go hide and call his/her name to try and find you

5. Go for a hike: either in the country or by the local lake

Here is a picture of Chance working out! He hit the treadmill after doing a few hundred crunches!