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Perez Hilton Shows Off 80-Pound Weight Loss at Awards Show

Everyone knows that red carpet appearances are everything for celebrities. And this well-known fact did not escape famed gossip blogger Perez Hilton who recently showed up to the 2012 LOGO “NewNowNext Awards” in Hollywood, California, completely shirtless, revealing an amazingly toned new body.

Perez looked half his original size due to his reported 80-pound weight loss, as he posed for cameras in a loud pant and suit coat ensemble with combat boots and a completely bare chest. His new figure has sent shockwaves through the celebrity (and health) world about his dramatic transformation.

Hilton spoke with Huffington Post “Gay Voices” after the event saying, “That outfit was more than just about fashion for me. It was also a statement,” said Perez. “I was saying, ‘I’m owning my body. I’ve worked very hard to transform it. And I’m feeling great!'” (more…)

Perez Hilton Launches FitOrbit with Celebrity Trainers

online fitness programsPerez Hilton is promoting the online trainer program FitOrbit in a big banner on the top of FitPerez today. The infamous celebrity blogger flexes his biceps in the ad spot, under the tagline “FitPerez Says…Personal Attention Gets You Better Results.”

The FitOrbit is a service that matches clients with personal trainers who provide guidance online. For $40.00 per month, clients receive a diet and fitness plan, in addition to other resources on the FitOrbit site, such as a food journaling tool, exercise finder and progress tracker. Your trainer will help you set goals and devise a workout plan.

Perez explains the program in a video, saying that he’s brought on the same trainers that work with the Hollywood stars he blogs about. “You all know that I got so much happier when I got healthy, now I want to share these secrets that work for me with you,” he said, referring to his own 80 pound weight loss. Perez isn’t promising a quick fix, but says that the support provided by his team are a blueprint for success. He adds that you can “train with A-list trainers without the A-list prices.”


Perez Hilton Launches Celebrity Fitness Blog [VIDEO]

The Perez Hilton gossip empire just hollowed out a new niche for itself: health and fitness. Fitperez.com now joins perezhilton.com and cocoperez.com as the latest of the self-proclaimed Queen of all Media’s deliciously pulpy celebrity chasing-blogs.

The new site proves to be surprisingly positive. It broadcasts celebrity charity projects, quotes stars talking about their body issues, and of course lots and lots of sexy Hollywood bodies. While there’s still a “Fatty” tag, we hope it gets little use. We’re happy Perez isn’t getting too catty over body issues–at least not yet–who needs another tabloid publishing close-ups of celeb cellulite? There are enough eating disorders in the entertainment industry already.