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The 10,000 Steps a Day Walking Program

walkingI’m sure you have all heard about the 10,000 steps per day thing, right? Well, I am a firm believer in it. The purpose of this goal is to get the sedentary, or couch potatoes, up on their feet more often. The average person’s stride is between two-and-a-half to three feet long, which calculates out to around 2,000 steps to walk a mile; while 10,000 steps is nearly five miles.

Again, this is a goal to motivate those who need a little extra kick in the butt to get moving. Set a goal for walking 10,000 steps and once you beat that for a week straight, up your goal to 11,000 steps per day. (more…)

Put a Pedometer on your wish list

A study released Tuesday states that individuals using a pedometer tend to lose weight, have lower blood pressure and exercise more than those not using the handy gadget.

The study attributes users’ goals to meet or beat the 10,000 steps/day rule as part of the success. Pedometer users walk about 2,000 more steps each day than those not using one.

Pedometers don’t really get in the way, are light weight and easy to clip on to your pants. Each step is recorded throughout the day. They range in price from about $1.19-$32.95– making it a perfect holiday gift.