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Patti Anderson’s Biggest Loser Elimination Interview

pattiWhat happens when you send a 55-year-old woman with diabetes and a host of other weight-related issues to the Biggest Loser ranch? She gets inspired to refocus her life. Following an in-depth health screening with the show’s medical advisor, Dr. Huizenga, Patti Anderson says she realized “I have two feet in the grave.” She says the information about diabetes, blood pressure and other health problems was overwhelming, but made her more determined to live.

“I had no choice, it was time to really change my life,” she says.

After being eliminated in week two, Patti spoke with us about her renewed love of “shopping, cooking and eating,” healthy foods that is, and how her weight loss has become an all-inclusive family effort from which everyone is reaping the benefits. Listen now as Patti tells us more about the changes at home, then continue reading.


Patti Anderson: Biggest Loser 9 Contestant

Eliminated Week 2

Keep up with Patti Anderson’s journey in Biggest Loser season nine. Each week DietsInReview.com will update each contestant’s weight loss, as well as accomplishments, videos, and more.

Learn more about Patti Anderson now!

patti biggest loserAge 55

Hometown Lafayette, CA

Occupation Business Owner

Team Color Purple

Teammate Stephanie Anderson, daughter

Starting Weight 243

Finale Weight 170

Total Loss -73

Family Married, 2 Adult Children (more…)