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Plus-Size Fashion Blogger Creates ‘Fatkini’ Gallery to Promote Self Love and Confidence

When you think bikini model, what kinds of images typically come to mind? Tall, rail-thin, leggy females wearing barely-there suits without a flaw in sight? Well that may be the case, perhaps it’s because those are the the only images the fashion and beauty industries put in front of our culture’s eye. And as a result, it’s what we’ve come to accept.

But 25-year-old Gabi Gregg, a plus-size fashion blogger living in New York, is hoping to break that stereotype. She’s promoting a message of self love, and believes that being happy with your body shouldn’t depend on what shape or size you are.

And in a whirlwind of support, people are getting behind this message with more enthusiasm than Gregg ever expected.

The controversy started when the fashion blogger posted a photo of herself on her blog GabiFresh, looking curvy and feminine in a high-waisted, two-piece bikini. In addition to posting her own photo, Gregg also encouraged other plus-sized girls to send in photos of themselves in bikinis to prove that beauty doesn’t come in just one size. (more…)

New Weight Loss Show Casting Young Overweight Women

A new weight loss show is about emerge, but first, it needs contestants. Will it be you?

The show is looking for fierce and fabulous women between the ages of 21 and 35 who have 50-85 pounds to lose. Some questions they’re asking interested women are:

Do you wish you could lose 50-85 pounds over night?
Do you want to show off your new body?
Were you bullied in high school and want to be thin for your reunion?
Are you tired of not being able to fit into your clothes?
Are you tired of being the overweight girl in your group?

They’re seeking big personalities with great stories. And if you answered yes to any of these questions, or if you have a similar story and think this show would be great for you, contact them today. (more…)