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Ruby Recap: Episode 2.9

ruby gettingerThis was a very emotional week for Ruby, both on the high end and the low end.

We’ve known for a while that her beloved dog Lucy was not well, as her kidneys were failing. Each night Ruby lovingly gave her shots for treatment, and she and friends prepared for the worst. The relationship Ruby has with her dogs is as definitive of man’s best friend as you’ll find. “I don’t think I’ve ever had love like they give me,” Ruby tearfully remarks.

Her roommate and close friend Jeff said that Lucy’s loss would be “like losing a child for her.” In this episode, Lucy does leave Ruby and it’s one of those emotional hurdles that has Ruby questioning if she’ll end up throwing away all of her hard work thus far. (more…)

Ruby’s Diet is now Ourlife Health

ourlife health logoLast year, Ruby Gettinger won our hearts on the Style Network as the star of “Ruby,” an honest and real look into this woman’s journey to lose weight, and a lot of it. Once topping the scales at 500 pounds, Ruby made millions of us laugh, cry and motivated as she began a near unfathomable hurtle of losing some of the 500 pounds she carried. As she began to lose weight, she started to work with Dr. Paul Bradley, a primary care physician and obesity specialist residing in Savannah, Georgia. He taught Ruby the three main components of successful and long-term weight loss: Diet, education and exercise. (more…)