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Jane Fonda Discusses Working Out on the Oprah Show

Show will re-air Thursday, December 23, 2010.

Tune in this Wednesday, October 27 to the Oprah Show to listen to legendary Jane Fonda talk about her life, getting older and of course, working out.

Jane Fonda, 72, is springing back into her workout gear this fall to release two new DVDs designed for the generation that came of age feeling the burn from her first blockbuster workout tape, Jane Fonda’s Workout, debuted in 1982.

“I’m very excited to be back in the fitness business,” Fonda told PEOPLE magazine. “I know from experience and from my research how critical it is for boomers and seniors to be physically active. Even if they’ve never exercised in their lives, now’s the time and my programs are a good, safe way to do it.” (more…)

Female Celebs Promote Healthy, Graceful Aging on Oprah

A recent episode of the Oprah show featured Cybill Shepherd, Linda Evans and Teri Hatcher, icons of the movie and television world who are all famous for their looks. As women who are aging gracefully, they have all struggled with how to do so, while mostly avoiding Botox and other forms of plastic surgery. (Hatcher has admitted to Botox and Evans had plastic surgery. Neither one regrets it, but neither is planning to do further work.)

Aging is something that happens (hopefully) to all of us, and it is a booming business both in stores and online. The reality of aging can lead many women to consider crazy options, both surgical and herbal. Not all of these are safe, and many of them have serious consequences. As our population ages, many more people are afflicted with chronic diseases and conditions that can cause aging to speed up and in many cases, affect the looks. There are many diets advertised to help slow or reverse the aging process, and although there are some foods with proven anti-aging properties, such as salmon, green tea and garlic – there really is no magic food.

All is not lost though! There are several habits that you can begin that will help you age gracefully and can help you maintain a healthier body. (more…)

Health Buzz: Dangers of Sleep Eating, HFCS’s New Name and What Embarrasses a Biggest Loser

This week’s hot health buzz from DietsInReview.com:

HFCS: Changing the Name Doesn’t Change the Products

The Corn Refiners Association thinks that high fructose corn syrup has gotten a bad rap. Some would say deservedly so, considering the 20% decrease in consumer consumption. They’ve applied to have the name changed to “corn sugar.”

What is Sleep Eating?

Sleep walking itself is dangerous, but when it’s coupled with unconscious mid-night eating, it can have unhealthy repercussions.

Healthier Beer Choices for Oktoberfest

This week the Oktoberfest celebrations kick off in Germany and the shots, if you will, can be heard around the world. See our picks for delicious beers that are also not as heavy on the calories.

Dr. Oz’s Just Ten Pounds Weight Loss Challenge
Earlier this week, Dr. Oz announced his “Just 10 Pounds” weight loss challenge. Even if you need to lose more than 10 pounds, setting a small goal will help you get there.

Jillian Michaels Wants Healthier School Lunches
In a personal letter to Congress that she’s shared with the public, Jillian wants to see our kids being fed more nutritional fare, and she wants the government to do something about it.


Slideshow of Oprah’s Most Memorable Weight Loss Stories

For the past 25 years, Oprah Winfrey has been a part a presence in our television rooms every day. While we love many things about the queen of talk show, one of the qualities we related to so easily in her was Oprah’s honest and very tumultuous battle with her own weight. Over the years, we have cheered Oprah on as she lost 40 pounds with the help of Bob Greene and we may have even shed a tear or two as she admitted that she let the wagon fall on her as she regained weight over and over again.

Struggles with food, body image and body weight are as American as apple pie. Throughout Oprah’s 24 seasons, she has introduced us to people whose love of apple pie catapulted into a true food addiction. Oprah not only had first-hand experience of this, but she also saw her own personal story play out in front of thousands of Americans, who wrestled with similar issues and turned to food for the same emotional comfort as she did.  (more…)

Should Jessica Simpson’s Weight Gain be News?

In 2009, Jessica Simpson was the topic of much discussion when she appeared onstage wearing a black tank top and “mom jeans” – high-waisted and unflattering pants. In a repeat of these pictures, Simpson’s weight is once again in the spotlight.

On her way to a Dior beauty luncheon benefiting Operation Smile at the Sunset Tower Hotel in West Hollywood, Simpson was photographed in a skin tight, voluptuous red dress with a squared off neckline. The pictures have sparked pregnancy rumors and jokes at her expense.

When pressed about weight gain, stars often fight back with anger and follow up with dramatic weight loss, not always in a healthful manner. But Simpson has historically reacted differently. She has spent the last year and a half speaking publicly about society’s views on women and weight on Oprah and on her own VH1 show The Price of Beauty. She’s even vowed to use real women, and not models, at the exhibition of her Spring 2011 line during Fashion Week. (more…)

Miss USA Tara Conner’s Diet

Miss USA 2006 Tara Conner

Former Miss USA, Tara Conner has spoken publicly about her drug addiction, which at its peak, meant popping upwards of 30 pills a day following her pageant crown.

Conner was awarded the title in 2006, but almost immediately reports began surfacing of her alleged drug and alcohol use. After testing positive for cocaine, Donald Trump, co-owner of the Miss USA organization, gave the beautiful but troubled young woman a second chance as long as she cleaned up her act in rehab. Without hesitation, Conner entered into a treatment facility and got sober.

While many people who use drugs to lose weight become underweight and malnourished because of the stimulatory and appetite-suppressing effects of the drugs, Conner has never commented on whether drugs had anything to do with her thin physique or whether diet supplements were part of her drug repertoire. But she does admit that after years of using drugs to find her identity, she was numb to food. (more…)

Never Diet Again Follow Up on the Oprah Show

Image via: Oprah.com

Tune in this Monday, July 12, 2010 to the Oprah Show when Geneen Roth, author of Women, Food and God, returns to discuss the nitty gritty of ending the battle with food.

With books flying off the shelves since Oprah first had Roth on the show in May, Oprah put anyone who has ever battled with their weight or dieting up to a 60-day challenge to apply Roth’s Seven Rules of Eating and see where it takes them.


Jessica Simpson on The Oprah Show

Tune in this Monday, July 5 to the Oprah Show when Jessica Simpson discusses everything from the media’s obsession with her weight to her show, The Price of Beauty.

From Isabel Caro, a former fashion model suffering from an eating disorder to a Balinese woman who shares a traditional recipe for a natural face mask that hydrates and replenishes the skin, Simpson talks to Oprah about some of the amazing and heart-wrenching stories she learned while traveling the world to understand the varying concepts of beauty.


Weight Loss News in Review – Week of May 9

Each week, DietsInReview.com will recap the hottest headlines in weight loss, diet and health news to keep you informed of news you can really use.

Interview with Jillian Michaels

The Biggest Loser’s Jillian Michaels gave us a sneak peek into what her new reality series, “Losing It With Jillian,” is all about.

Oprah Says “No More Dieting”

Author Geneen Roth appeared on Oprah this week to discuss her new book Women, Food and God. Oprah says “This book is an opportunity to finally end the war with weight and unlock the door to freedom.”


Oprah Says “No More Dieting”

Perhaps you saw Geneen Roth, author of Women, Food and God, on the Oprah Show. If you didn’t and you’re someone who has ever dieted or battled with their weight, then please, do your body, mind and soul a favor and track down the already-aired episode online.

Roth’s appearance and more notably, her message to women and men, has already created a small movement as women all over the country are waking up this morning, thinking just a bit more thoughtfully about why they are reaching for a second blueberry muffin or polishing off their kid’s unfinished mac & cheese.

In reference to Women, Food and God and from the words of Oprah herself, whose own battle with her weight has created as much media awareness as global warming, “This book is an opportunity to finally end the war with weight and unlock the door to freedom.”