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HealthBuzz November 9: Run for NYC, No GMO Labeling, Barack Obama’s Favorite Recipes, and Fall Soup Recipes

We are hours away from the weekend! Get ready with a healthy dose of news. We highlighted this week’s headliners from DIR which are GMO Labeling Losing in California, Marathoners Run to Recover NYC, and Nutristystem’s First Female CEO. Also we have headliners from the Atlantic.com, ABC’s Liz Neporent. Plus, see re-elected President Obama is eating at the White House and a healthy soup recipe from AroundThePlate.org.

GMO Labeling Didn’t Win the Battle in California, but We Haven’t Lost the War

For the past couple of months, millions united to educate the California electorate about GMO and Prop 37. Unfortunately, GMO labeling did not get enough ‘yes’ votes and there will be no law to inform consumers of what they’re eating. But those who were for GMO labeling are remaining optimistic, and we speak with Leah Segedie to understand why.

New York City Marathoners Run Anyway in the Race to Recover

Although the New York City Marathon was cancelled after Hurricane Sandy, runners still ran, but for a whole new cause. Hurricane Sandy left millions without power and a roof over their head. ING has transformed The 2012 ING New York City Marathon into “Race to Recover, which has raised about $2.6 million to assist those in need.

Nutrisystem Names Dawn Zier the Company’s First Female CEO

Female-centric brand Nutrisystem announced its new CEO this week, Dawn Zier, who will become the first female CEO for the company later this month. Zier will begin her new role on November 15, just weeks before “diet season.” It is unlikely that the company will have any major programs announced within the next couple of months, but it will be interesting to see what direction Nutrisystem takes under Zier. (more…)

Nutrisystem Names Dawn Zier the Company’s First Female CEO

Weight loss leader Nutrisystem has announced a major organizational change today. According to a press release we received from the company, Dawn M. Zier will be assuming the role of president and CEO, replacing Joe Redling, who announced he’d be stepping down in April of this year. She will also be fulfilling his place on the board of directors. Zier will become the company’s first female CEO.

Ms. Zier has a start date of November 15, 2012; while Mr. Redling will exit the company on November 9, 2012 throughout he release of Nutrisystem’s third-quarter financial results. David Clark, Nutrisystem’s CFO, will be the interim CFO during the gap. Earnings so far have been modest for the brand, as in both Q1 and Q2 the Nutrisystem board of directors declared a 17.5 cent per-share value.

“I think this will have a short-term, if small, positive effect on the stock price and a longer-term hopeful trend up as shareholders process this,” Sarah Gilbert told us, a financial blogger with Wall Street experience.

John LaRosa, with 20 years of experience tracking and analyzing diet programs at MarketData, told us “NutriSystem is still struggling in terms of sales. I think their [Q2] report was for guidance of very moderate growth for the year 2012. Maybe Joe Redling has read the writing on the wall and wanted to get out before a disappointing Q3 earnings report came out.” LaRosa also mentioned that the company’s head of marketing left Nutrisystem last year for ServiceMaster.

In the company’s press release about her hiring, Zier outlines what looks like an aggressive  job description that will make her popular with the board of directors and customers, too.

“Joining Nutrisystem is a wonderful opportunity for me personally, and the logical next step in my career,” said Ms. Zier in the press release. “The company has a strong portfolio of products that help consumers lose weight, improve their health, and live better lives. It has significant name recognition as a result of several decades of marketing investment in the brand. And it’s universally seen as one of the leaders in the weight loss sector.”

Any question about what her direction at Nutrisystem will be was made clear in her statement that the meal-delivery service can expect a lot of positively-driven change in the coming months and years. “With a fresh and creative approach to the consumer, a thoughtful eye to new product development, and a careful effort to contain costs, I believe we can improve financial performance and build shareholder value,” said Zier. (more…)

Nutrisystem D Now Offers Certified Diabetes Counseling as a Free Service to its Customers

Nutrisystem announced a new addition to their Nutrsisytem D program this week. The diet company is now offering the expertise of certified diabetes educators for its current and future Nutrisystem D customers.

Nutrisystem D is an arm of Nutisystem that provides delivered, pre-portioned meals specifically designed for those living with diabetes. All of the meals have been formatted to help control and reduce diabetes symptoms, and are congruent with the nutritional standards set forth by the American Diabetes Association (ADA).

This announcement comes just weeks after Nutrisystem was named a National Strategic Partner of the ADA for its effort in fighting the disease.


Top 6 Best Tasting Diet Plans, as Rated by Consumers

For those looking to lose weight with a potential diet food program, taste is very important.

Finding a meal program that offers good food can be the difference in sticking with the plan or giving up in a very short period of time. But now you can take a first-hand look at how everyday consumers rated the most popular diet food programs when it comes to taste.

NextAdvisor.com conducted a blind taste test to answer questions about how some of the most popular diet foods taste. They conducted their first test in October 2010 and have since completed another to have the most up-to-date results possible since diet companies constantly update their menus and inventory, according to lifestyle editor Polina Polishchuk.

The taste test included eight different companies which were rated in the categories of breakfast, lunch and dinner. The meal plans for each program were ordered anonymously and included between 1,200 and 1,350 calories per day. The participants included males and females of varying ages. And to keep the results unbiased, the test was “completely independent with no input from the diet food companies and no visible branding to sway our testers’ opinions,” said Polishchuk. (more…)

Nutrisystem Named National Strategic Partner of the American Diabetes Association

Nutrisystem – one of the most recognizable names in the weight loss industry for its healthy, delivered, portion-controlled meals – has been named a National Strategic Partner of the American Diabetes Association.

The company is being recognized for its commitment to supporting the mission to treat and eradicate diabetes through such efforts as clinical research and involvement with the ADA’s diabetes-focused movements.

Nutrisystem has also helped make significant strides in the fight against the disease with its Nutrisystem D program, which provides delivered, pre-portioned meals specifically designed for those living with diabetes.

Anthony Fabricatore, Nutrisystem’s Senior Director of Research and Development, spoke with Diets in Review recently to share what this strategic partnerships means for the diet company as a whole. (more…)

Janet Jackson Successfully Loses Weight on Nutrisystem Success

The ads are out as proof that Janet Jackson, who has long since struggled with her weight, is successfully shedding the pounds on Nutrisystem Success – the popular meal delivery program’s newest extension.

After becoming the company’s celebrity spokesperson back in December, Jackson admitted she’d tried different diets before but never had success with them. “Dieting never worked for me, counting calories never worked for me, and denying myself the foods I love never worked for me,” said Jackson. “I needed a better plan, and I found it with Nutrisystem.” Jackson also opened up about her struggle with maintaining a healthy weight in her book True You: A Journey to Finding and Loving Yourself, which topped the New York Times Bestseller list when it was released in early 2011.

Weighing around 180 pounds at her heaviest in 2006, suspicions began to rise once again that Jackson was starting to put back on the pounds after her brother, Michael’s, sudden and unexpected death in 2009. But based on Janet’s trim new figure in the latest ads for Nutrisystem, she’s looking better than ever. Some have even speculated that she’s successfully lost up to 50 pounds following the program. (more…)

Medifast Diet vs. Nutrisystem Diet

Medifast and NutriSystem are two of the most popular meal delivery diets on the market today. Both provide you with pre-portioned, calorie controlled meals and snacks that take most of the guess work out of preparing a healthy diet for around the same price. So which diet is right for you? We take a look at the similarities, and a few differences, between these successful diets.


Medifast is a home meal delivery service that provides you with portion controlled, high protein meals. Named #7 on the list of the Best Commercial Diets by US News in 2011, Medifast claims dieters can lose up to 20 pounds in their first month. The success of the Medifast program has been proven in multiple clinical studies, including a Johns Hopkins study that found Medifast helps dieters lose weight quickly and safely, and helped type 2 diabetics lose twice as much weight as those following the American Diabetes Association’s dietary recommendations. Medifast also showed improvements in those with hypertension and high cholesterol.

NutriSystem is also a meal delivery service that provides meals and snacks that are calorie-controlled and pre-prepared, only requiring you to supplement in a few fresh foods. NutriSystem meals are available in both shelf-stable options and their fresh-frozen line of meals.


Free Access to Nutrisystem’s All-New Community Site Now Available

nutrisystem with food in backgroundNutrisystem is relaunching their community web site to better meet the needs of dieters. Nutrisystem doesn’t want to make its customers feel like there is a one-size-fits-all approach to losing weight, and the community offers a place for dieters to have a personal and customized experience and meet other dieters.

The Nutrisystem community redesign is focused on the dieter and many of the changes were made through the direct suggestion of members, including the names of certain sections. The site is free for the first time ever and offers three different levels of 24/7 access. As a guest you will be able to read content, dining out and grocery guides, message boards and member pages without having to enter any personal information. For more extensive access to the site, including interacting with other members, you simply register and become a Nutrisystem member, which is also free. The VIP membership level is available to those who are on a Nutrisystem program. This membership option offers access to all of the content on the web site as well as tracking tools designed to help you through your weight loss journey. (more…)

Nutrisystem Chef’s Table Meals Impress Our Taste Testers and Dietitian Alike

Just days before the new year Nutrisystem announced its new program, Nutrisystem Success, and a new spokesperson, Janet Jackson. With a focus on fresher, higher quality foods and updated dietary guidance, we were immediately interested in finding out for you what was really going on in those little frozen boxes.

We haven’t always been generous in our reviews of the Nutrisystem product. Shelf-stable, packaged, processed foods that sometimes leave little more to be desired than a freeze-dried, just-add-water hamburger or hotdog didn’t exactly send us on a path of praise. So believe us when we say we’re very impressed with Nutrisystem’s Chef’s Table line, part of Nutrisystem Success.

Nutrisystem Success is a refreshing change to what’s expected of their product. When the large cooler showed up at my office I knew we were headed in the right direction. Inside, packed in dry ice, were the seven Chef’s Table meals. The cooler is how each Nutrisystem Success customer receives their meals. I’d already heard quite a bit about them during my previous interview with Michael Solomonov, one of the five premiere chefs who created these new meals for the brand.

“With the guidance of the educated people at Nutrisystem, we’re highly motivated to make the best possible food for people to diet, lose weight, and keep it off,” Solomonov told us. He credits the expertise, creativity, and high level of technology the chefs were working with to allow them to come up with meals that inspire great change for Nutrisystem.

Each meal comes in a well-designed box, as any frozen meal would, and includes a brief profile of the chef who created it. On the Chef’s Table Moroccan Inspired Chicken package you’ll find Michael Solomonov; it’s a meal Nutrisystem users have already given four out of five stars. The technology he speaks of is a steamer bag that simulates poaching. “We can extract as much flavor as possible with lower sodium and fat that are low on the glycemic index,” notes Solomonov.


We brought in taste testers to give the Nutrisystem Success Chef’s Table meals a try. They were given no information other than the instruction to share their brutally honest opinions. Our taste testers were a trio of sisters who stair step in ages from 49 to 52. One is married, one is engaged, and one is single. Each works a full-time job; two have adult children. Two of them have used Nutrisystem previously; all of them have tried a variety of diets. A few months ago they challenged one another to a weight loss challenge, so they seemed like the perfect people to try these meals.

We met on a Sunday afternoon, just in time for everyone to be hungry for lunch. And they were! Following the package instructions, we placed each meal in the microwave for about five minutes. Unlike typical frozen meals, these don’t come with trays inside, the food is just neatly arranged inside the steamer bags. We placed each bag on a plate and had to carefully open them (if you pick it up like a bag of popcorn you’ll have a mess and disarrayed meal on your hands). This was especially true of the Butternut Squash ravioli, which was quite messy and happened to be the least-liked meal, with a score of 1.6.

On a scale of 1-5, the meals received an average score 3.4 from our taste testers. Their near unanimous favorites were the Arroz Con Pollo with a 4.6 score, and the Adobo Pork (which was also our favorite) with a 4.3 score.

We were all immediately struck by the aroma of the meals, which filled the entire house. In almost every instance the food perfectly matched the pictures on the boxes. They didn’t appear processed or of low quality; instead, the food looked as fresh as possible and we were glad to see that it tasted that way too. Fresh herbs and spices were very noticeable. Our taste testers made frequent mention of the generous portions – you didn’t have to go hunting for meat or pieces of sweet potato or other vegetables. By the end, each of our taste testers said they felt full and satisfied. They unanimously agreed that they would recommend these meals to others.

See this slideshow for a look at their review, scores, and comments on each of the seven Chef’s Table meals.

View Nutrisystem Chef's Table Review Slideshow


After our taste testers were more than satisfied, we handed the packages over to our resident dietitian, Mary Hartley, RD. Overall, Mary says that the Nutrisystem Success Chef’s Table meals are “fine” and “okay.”

In almost all cases the meals matched her criteria for healthy frozen foods:

< 250 Calories
< 7g Fat
< 2g Saturated Fat
< 350 mg Sodium
> 2g Fiber
<7g Sugar

“These meals are basically OK, although the beef and ricotta have a bit too much sodium and saturated fat, as would be expected for those foods,” she said. Too much sodium was the biggest offender for exceeding those benchmarks. Surely they aren’t using it for flavor, because all of the herbs, spices, and produce offer plenty of that on their own.

Within the ingredient lists themselves, nothing stood out to us as alarming. In fact, we were quite impressed with the simplicity of the ingredients. As Mary noted, “I don’t see any unsafe ingredients such as artificial colorings, BHA, or partially hydrogenated vegetable oil.” The ingredient lists might look lengthy, but Mary says it’s only because they spell out the sub-ingredients.

“I approve and do not see any red flags,” is her final thought. “These foods are fine for those that like them, and they are much better than the old Nutrisystem food.”


From our staff, to our dietitian and our taste testers, everyone agreed that the Nutrisystem Chef’s Table meals are a far cry from anything they’ve served customers before. And we all mean that in the best way possible! The expertise of the chefs involved in creating these meals is evident, and it’s clear that Nutrisystem has prioritized making meals as simple as possible that truly provide their customers something that’s good for them and good to eat.

See the latest Nutrisystem Coupons to get started!

Best Tasting Meal Plan Prize Shared by Diet to Go, Biggest Loser Meal Plan, and Chefs Diet

Three meal delivery diet brands just received a major hat tip from the food experts at Epicurious. Diet to Go, Biggest Loser Meal Plan, and Chefs Diet all received “three and a half forks” from the culinary publication, recognizing them as “Best-Tasting Diet-Plan Meals.”

These leaders in the meal plan delivery space, shipping low-calorie and nutritionally balanced meals out to health- and weight-conscious customers, won in a blind taste taste against eight total meal delivery companies. The tests were conducted by Epicurious as they sought to find diet delivery meals that were reasonably priced, tasty, and healthy. The judges ruled over criteria such as flavor, texture, and appearance of a variety of polutry entrees. Out of four possible “forks,” these brands each received three and a half forks.

For Diet to Go, their Thai turkey tenderloin over rice with green beans and grape tomatoes held its own at the competition. The judges said the turkey was tender, and unlike so many pre-made meals the vegetables remained crisp. The judges’ only negative comments referred to the amount of sauce on this particular meal, and they didn’t love the chocolate brownie or chocolate pudding that come as dessert options. They claimed they tasted somewhat artificial. (more…)