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Mike Golic and His NutriSystem Success

What do professional football and NutriSystem have in common? The weight loss giant has helped a small army of NFL players and coaches lose weight. From Dan Marino to Don Shula, Steve Beuerlein and now Mike Golic, these rough and tumble athletes are putting a new spin on diets for men. mike golic nutrisystem

The most recent success story is Mike Golic. Golic, who is co-host of ESPN Radio’s Mike and Mike in the morning and a former defensive line player, topped the scales at 300 pounds just a few years ago. Even at 6 feet, 5 inches tall, the realization that he was 45 pounds over his NFL weight of 265 stopped him in his tracks. He thought about this family and decided to change.

“Ultimately, I needed to lose weight because I’m a real family guy. I have three kids and a beautiful wife, and I just love spending time with them and being involved with their lives. I want to be around them, and the way things were going, it wasn’t going to happen.” (more…)

Terrell Owens’ In-Season Workout

terrell owensWhat do NFL superstars do for their in-season workouts? Do they lift hard or do they skip workouts during the season? Well, Terrell Owens, a wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys, is a firm believer in discipline and making working out a priority in his life regardless of whether his team is in-season or not. Terrell was traded to Dallas from the Philadelphia Eagles a few years ago and has made a significant impact on the team’s success.

Terrell believes that success all comes down to three things: eating right, sleeping right, and maintaining healthy workouts. Low carb, high protein meals and six to eight hours of sleep each night are a few of the keys to his success. (more…)