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7 Health and Fitness Newsletters that aren’t Spam!

If you’re like most people, you receive dozens of emails each day that you never actually read before deleting. These are the messages you know are junk, yet somehow you keep resisting the urge to actually mark as spam. Maybe you actually took the time to subscribe to a certain email list, maybe you were added after making a purchase or signing up for a service. No matter why you get these messages, the beginning of the year is a good time for clearing out the clutter and your inbox is a great place to start.

Easier said than done, right? Wrong. Our own Brandi Koskie recently used unroll.me to see what subscriptions were lurking in her inbox and found 99 different email newsletters! She unsubscribed from about 65 of them.

reading email

Margo Donohue, aka Brooklyn Fit Chick, also sees a lot of surplus emails flow into her inbox. “On average I read and answer about 250 emails per day,” says Margo. “These are from people I need to deal with on top of the regular newsletters. I don’t always have the time to read even the newsletters I’m  interested in, but the ones I do read usually have snappy headlines linked to a few articles.” (Note to publishers: Keep it quick and simple!)


The Biggest Loser Resort Sponsors the DietsInReview.com Biggest Loser Newsletter

We are pleased to announce that Biggest Loser Resort is now the official sponsor of the DietsInReview.com Biggest Loser Newsletter. It’s a terrific opportunity to introduce fans of the show to one more place where they can live the Biggest Loser lifestyle for themselves.

The Biggest Loser Resort at Fitness Ridge is located in Ivins, Utah. It’s a picturesque setting that offers that sense of seclusion that the contestants experience, without the chaos of cameras, interviews and producers. Instead, guests at the resort enjoy a week, or longer, stay working with fitness experts and nutritionists for a one-of-a-kind wellness getaway. (more…)

Subscribe to the Biggest Loser Newsletter from DietsInReview.com

At DietsInReview.com we are huge fans of NBC’s The Biggest Loser. And we know so many of you are as well. That’s why we’ve worked hard to become one of the best go-to resources for Biggest Loser information on the Web. biggest loser newsletter

We work closely with the program to bring you the latest news, insider access to contestants and trainers, and even insights on how they use fitness and diet to lose astonishing weight.

All of this inside-scoop on The Biggest Loser is available via our free Biggest Loser Updates Newsletter, sponsored by the Biggest Loser Resort. Sent each Wednesday following Tuesday’s new episodes, you can hit your inbox to find:

  • Exclusive day-after interview with eliminated contestants
  • Exclusive episodic recaps via video with our Biggest Loser correspondent. For season 12, it’s Courtney Crozier.
  • Interviews with trainers, including news on their growing fitness brands
  • Breaking news from the show regarding casting, new contestants, new products, and more
  • Biggest Loser recipes to keep you motivated in your own kitchen
  • Videos from each episode
  • Eliminated contestant slide show with photos of their journey
  • Contestant weight loss tracker
  • First look at Biggest Loser-related giveaways (more…)

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dietsinreview newsletterAt DietsInReview.com, we’re commited to helping individuals just like you lead healthy, fit lives. With a dedicated team of health and wellness professionals, more diet reviews than any other site, and a robust collection of information you can use, it’s no wonder more and more people are turning to DietsInReview.com each day.

That’s why we have a number of health-focused newsletters, allowing each member of our community to receive the news that they are most interested in reading. Learn more about our free newsletters and subscribe to one, two or all of the issues that best suit your lifestyle.

dir flowerDietsInReview.com Newsletter

  • General newsletter featuring the best content from the site
  • Delivers every other Tuesday
  • Feature health topics like diabetes, cancer prevention, seasonal fitness tips, and more! (more…)

Announcing New Mom to Mom Newsletter

healthy momWe’re excited to announce that we’re introducing the Mom to Mom Newsletter this fall. Written by a mom for moms, the newsletter will focus on the four things a mom needs to live a healthy and balanced life: Food, Fitness, Family and Fun. Our Chief Mom, Carmen Staicer, will offer insights in these areas for balancing healthful living with real life; not only for yourself, but for your entire family.

As the mother of six children, and a weight loss success story herself, Carmen is all too familiar with managing a household, her health, and the needs of the other busy bodies in her home. She’s a real mom who gets it, who has figured out how to make it all work, and will help you find your way there, too.

Sign-up now, and then learn more about the Mom to Mom Newsletter.

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Each month you can expect to see family-friendly recipes, ways to get fit together, and learn about activities that bring the family closer together. Proving good health depends on more than just what you’re eating, it’s about the happiness and well-being of the whole family.

Look for your first Mom to Mom Newsletter before Thanksgiving, as Carmen helps you prepare to celebrate and offer thanks in a more healthful way.

Biggest Loser 8 Premiere Giveaway

UPDATE: This giveaway has ended. Renee and Jeff were chosen as the two winners! Congrats!

We promise we’re as anxious as all of you die-hard Biggest Loser fans for this season to get started. Between the fall and spring seasons, we only have to wait a couple of weeks. But after the confetti falls at the spring finale, we have all summer to wonder what awaits us, and the contestants, in that famous gym.

biggest loser prizesTo prepare for Biggest Loser 8, we’re encouraging you to sign-up now for our Biggest Loser Newsletter. After this season’s premiere September 15, we’ll draw two newsletter subscribers to each win one of the following prize packs:

Prize One: Biggest Loser Cookbook, The Biggest Loser book, 10 packs of Extra sugar-free gum, and a Dan Evans CD (Biggest Loser 5). Total value $44.

Prize Two: Jillian Michaels Master Your Metabolism, Jillian Michaels Hot Bod in a Box, 10 packs of Extra sugar-free gum, and a Dan Evans CD (Biggest Loser 5). Total value $42. (more…)

Biggest Loser and Brita’s Filter For Good Partner for Season 8

brita filter for goodOnce again, you’ll see Biggest Loser contestants staying well-hydrated on campus, but not with disposable water bottles. For several seasons the contestants have relied on a partnership with Brita’s Filter For Good program to help them hydrate and save the planet.

All contestants, trainers, and other Biggest Loser staff receive Filter For Good Nalgene bottles (BPA-Free!) and keep those filled with refreshing water via Brita pitchers and faucet mounts found throughout the house and gym. This helps the campus save literally tens of thousands of bottles of waters each season, and prevent all that waste from hitting our landfills. (more…)

New Natural Health Newsletter at DietsInReview.com

We’re pleased to now offer a once-monthly Natural Health Newsletter, focused on living a healthy and positive lifestyle. Let this be a place for you to find resources to guide you on your path to eating better, living healthier and laughing along the way. We’re partnering with Amy Vermeer of EatLiveLaugh.com to share more information about personal wellness and growth.

Each month the newsletter will feature a can’t-miss nutritional topic, inspiring fitness guidance, a healthy and tasty recipe, coverage of related news and something good for the soul- an introduction to a worthwhile charitable organization.

Sign-up below for the Natural Health Newsletter today, so that you don’t miss our first issue!

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