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Yogurt Summit Primes New York to Become The Yogurt State

If you’re a dairy farmer or yogurt manufacturer, then consider being in Albany, New York on August 15 for what is likely the state’s (or any for that matter) first yogurt summit. The state’s governor, Andrew Cuomo, recognizes the booming business that could potentially grow New York’s economy more than it already has.

“The state will look at regulations and laws that could get in the way of farmers providing more milk and manufacturers making yogurt,” explained an AP News release.

“Chobani strongly supports Governor Cuomo in his charge to continue to grow the New York State economy and help industries who are making a difference in doing so like Greek yogurt,” Chobani, leading Greek yogurt brand in the country, told us in an email.

The brand plans to be in attendance at the summit later this month, and says “We’re proud to be a part of the Greek yogurt boom in New York State and are committed to building the industry by supporting our farmers and local community and continually investing in our Chenango County production plant.” (more…)

New York City Yoga Studios Add More Meditation Classes to Satisfy Clients

Yoga studios in New York City are some of the most cutting edge in the nation. The city not only offers immensely diverse styles of yoga, it usually creates, or sets the tone for what kinds of trends and crazes the rest of the country can expect to see in the coming years. From inverting your body in a silk hammock to sweating buckets in hot yoga, New York City yoga studios have it all.

As a leader in capturing and perpetuating yoga trends, New York City is now seeing more and more meditation classes gracing yoga studio schedules. According to Sharon Salzberg, a meditation expert and teacher in the big apple, “Meditation is no longer seen as fringe, esoteric and weird.” Alan Finger, founder and co-owner of Ishta Yoga said, “There is a flood of more people wanting more meditation.” Adding that he has had to increase the number of meditation classes he offers to keep up with the demand.

Time will only tell how meditation will hold up in the sea of changing needs. Perhaps instead of working on getting the perfect yoga butt, we can take a few moments to sit quietly and ponder the idea. (more…)

Mary Hartley to Present on Intuitive Eating at the Women’s Health and Fitness Expo

Next month, DietsInReview.com is going on a road trip to Upstate New York to help get the women and families of that community on the right track for health. We’ll be attending the one-day Women’s Health and Fitness Expo on May 19, 2012. More than 8,000 people will turn out to spend a day learning about nutrition, fitness, disease prevention, and to receive health screenings and even spa treatments.

Our resident dietitian, Mary Hartley, RD, will be presenting one of the keynotes, discussing the practice of intuitive eating. It’s something she employs in her own life, and after decades of working as a clinical dietitian, something she knows works for living a healthy, balanced life.

Throughout the day, Expo attendees can visit the DietsInReview.com booth to meet Mary and have a one-on-one nutrition Q&A with her, as well as determine your caloric needs for weight loss or maintenance. As well, our editor Brandi Koskie will be on hand to make sure you leave with some great DIR goodies!

We won’t be in the booth alone, though. Bernie Salazar, Biggest Loser season 5 at-home winner and our very first Biggest Loser correspondent, will be on hand to introduce everyone to his children’s fitness book, Monstercize. Health editor Liz Neporent will be available to sign books, and fitness expert Jessica Smith will be signing DVDs. (more…)

NYC Says No To Sodas Purchased With Food Stamps

UPDATE [8/24/2011]: The USDA has rejected the proposal to ban soda purchases made with food stamps.

With obesity numbers skyrocketing and the associated medical costs out of control, New York City has decided to make a major change to their food stamp program. The program, now called SNAP (the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program), serves more than 1.7 million New York City residents. City Health Commissioner Tom Farley and New York State Health Commissioner Richard Daines have asked the USDA for a food stamp waiver for two years during which recipients would not be allowed to use their food stamps to buy sodas.


Jets’ Kris Jenkins Loses 34 Pounds on Cookie Diet

What seems like the kind of diet a big ol’ defensive lineman would gravitate towards? Besides something like Atkins or any other diet that would allow them to nosh on steaks every day, maybe one that is centered around cookies.

And that’s what New York Jets defensive lineman Kris Jenkins resorted to in order to drop some excess weight on the eve of his team’s training camp. With the help of Dr. Sanford Siegal’s Cookie Diet, Jenkins lost 34 pounds in the off-season. That brings the 6′ 4″ Jenkins down to 359 pounds, which even by today’s NFL standards is huge.


New York Governor Proposes Obesity Tax

These days, state governors don’t have a lot of clout with the public. Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich has his corruption mess going on. And not long ago, Governor Eliot Spitzer of New York bowed out in shame after his infidelities. But his successor has a budget – and obesity – crisis he wants to tackle.

Governor David Paterson, the man who took Spitzer’s place, has an idea, and it’s not endearing him to many more people than the aforementioned public servants.

Governor Paterson wrote a special commentary for CNN.com explaining why he feels that we need to have an obesity tax. Like most of us, Paterson is worried about the epidemic that is childhood obesity. One way he wants to combat it is by taxing soft drinks, something he’s proposed in his latest state budget. (more…)

Health Magazine’s Restaurant Report

Last week I reported on the resistance of chain restaurants in New York to post sensible disclosure of their food’s nutritional information. Well, Health magazine has taken the proactive approach and published a list of 10 top choices, when they could find restaurants willing to divulge their nutritional information.

Backed by a panel of experts, Health magazine went through 43 chains that matched the criteria of having more than 75 locations across the U.S. Here are the top 10 (with some interesting surprises):

1. Uno’s (yeah, the deep pan pizza place)- The home of the deep pan pizza also has a penne bolognese with just 16 grams of fat.

2. Sweet Tomatoes- While all-you-can-eat buffets aren’t normally thought to be healthy, Sweet Tomatoes has all kinds of healthy options at their salad bar, and even some at their soup bar.

3. Ruby Tuesday- While Ruby Tuesday is home to a number of beef burgers and fried food options, you can also order a veggie or turkey burger.

4. P.F. Chang’s- Chinese takeout packs some serious caloric punch. But if you can go to a higher end option such as P.F. Chang’s, you have better options like the carb-free vegetarian lettuce wraps.

5. Bob Evans- The well-known greasy breakfast haven also has plenty of low-carb, low-fat entrees.

6. Mimi’s Cafe- This café-style restaurant has some healthy options, like the chicken & fruit.

7. Romano’s Macaroni Grill- The Italian chain has plenty of refined carb choices, but there’s also the Italian sorbetto and biscotti: just 330 calories and 4 grams of fat.

8. Chevy’s Fresh Mex- High sodium counts are always a concern when dining out, but Chevy’s lives up to the “Fresh” in its name. Grilled Fish Tacos are a better option than a thick cheesy burrito.

9. Olive Garden- Like Macaroni Grill, there are plenty of pasta options to lead you astray. But there are also choices like the low-fat capellini pomodoro (644 calories and 14 grams fat).

10. Denny’s- This is probably the biggest surprise of them all, but the same place where you get sausage and pancakes, offers grilled-chicken-breast salad, or even tilapia with rice and veggies. Each have less than 15 grams of fat.

Check out the article at CNN.com for details as to why these establishments made the grade.t

1,000 More Fruit Stands on New York Streets

File this one under government working well for the public… The city of New York is taking an initiative to put 1,000 fruit and vegetable stands in lower income neighborhoods. Obesity effects everyone, but especially poorer people, because they tend to buy cheaper processed and fast foods. And, people in general these days are living busy lives and eat on the run. If a fruit and vegetable cart is on the corner as you’re walking to your apartment, you have no reason not to pick up some produce on your way. As they say, you can only lead a horse to water.

I’m a biter…

… and I can’t help it. I bite pencils, I bite my children (not hard, more like a love nip), and I love foods that I can bite into, like crisp carrots or chewy licorice. And I’m not alone. Time and time again, today’s dieter is demanding a wider variety of healthy snacks to supplement their menu plan, while satisfying the need to chew. If you are a biter too, then you need to bite into Glenny’s snack line. Made in New York with only the finest ingredients, you can find chips, oven baked fries, bars and brownies which not only support your weight loss program, but they are healthy and delicious. I love having healthy snacks around for my boys to grab, and nothing about Glenny’s screams “diet”, making them perfect for the whole family.

The marshmallow treat is gluten-free, dairy-free (vegan) and certified kosher. I’m particularly impressed with the company’s committment to source non-genetically modified soy, a hot topic that many “healthy” snacks seem to ignore. Check them out here, and let us know what you think.