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Surgery for Diabetes

The obesity epidemic has gotten so desperate that now experts are saying that weight loss surgery is “the best way to fight diabetes.” The results don’t mean that everyone with diabetes should go in for surgery. So, there shouldn’t be a mass movement of people going under the knife. Here’s the New York Times story.

Music Makes For a Better Workout

Not that I needed a scientific study to confirm this, but music has quantifiable benefits to your exercise regimen. Not to be melodramatic, but it’s nearly impossible for me to work out without music. I get the doubting devil on my shoulder shouting, “You could be home having a beer right now.” Or, the simple “This is too hard! This is too hard! “This article in The New York Times is an interesting examination of the psychology of music as it relates to effective exercise. Interestingly, there’s a rating system on how motivating a song is.

The Eternal (External) Beauty Quest

Nearly everyone over the age of 30 starts their quest for the Fountain of Youth. To a large extent, the effects of aging are inevitable. Are there measures you can take to counter some of those issues brought on by Father Time? Sure.

There is one simple thing you can do. Before you go out and buy expensive creams and lotions, consider this list compiled by New York Times writer Natasha Singer. Simple common sense, like washing your face, can do wonders.