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Salt Attacked by NYC Mayor

Anti-SaltIn the latest push to get New Yorkers to eat better, city Mayor Michael Bloomberg is taking on salt. The mayor previously launched several visceral attacks on sodas and other sugary beverages. Now, he’s urging city residents to cut down on their intake of sodium. The new campaign targets frozen dinners and canned soups, and features images of these foods surrounded by heaps of salt. The images are accompanied by messages like “Excessive  can lead to heart attack and stroke.”

Excess salt in one’s diet can potentially lead to a number of serious health conditions, like high blood pressure and other cardiovascular conditions. WPIX reports that 23,000 deaths are caused by cardiovascular-related conditions in New York City alone.


Celebrities Do Good at the NYC Marathon

Al Roker

Al Roker ran a half marathon in Chicago

The ING New York City Marathon is this Sunday, and runners across the city are gearing-up for the 26.2 mile run. This year there were 125,000 applicants to the race, which is offering a prize of $600,000. There are expected to be about two million spectators and a massive amount of media coverage.

Many celebrities are seizing upon the event to promote healthy lifestyles and other worth-while causes. There are over 190 charities involved in ING’s New York City Marathon charity program, “A Million Dollars a Mile,” which aims to earn (you guessed it) $26.2 million.

Today Show star Al Rocker is one of the notable participants, and will be running his first full-marathon. “Almost everybody’s bucket list includes running the ING New York City Marathon,” said Roker. “Just the thought of being able to start this race gives me goose bumps. As does the fear that the weather might turn ugly. On the other hand, if it does that might help improve my time as I try to outrun an angry mob of soggy and cold runners!”


The ING New York City Marathon Health and Fitness Expo is Underway

The ING New York City Marathon Health And Fitness Expo is coming to town November 4th through 6th. The famous NYC Marathon is on Nov. 7th and every participant is required to pick up his or her registration materials at the expo. The marathon is scheduled to start at 8:30 A.M. for the wheelchair division and other start times are every thirty minutes after that due to the large number of runners– over 45,000.  (more…)

Insider E-Mails Betray Anti-Soda Controversy

Soda becomes FatThere’s controversy lurking behind the “Don’t Drink Yourself Fat” campaign launched by the New York City Health Department. Experts are disputing the claim that “Drinking one can of soda per day can make you 10 pounds fatter a year.”

E-mails obtained by The New York Times show that even the chief nutritionist Cathy Nonas had her doubts about the commercial, which ran on local news stations and as a viral video on the web. “CAUTION,” she wrote on August 20, 2009. “As we get into this exacting science, the idea of a sugary drink becoming fat is absurd.” City health commissioner Dr. Thomas A. Farley permitted the ads because he felt that “what people fear is getting fat,” as opposed to a more nuanced discussion of nutritional value.

Print versions of the ad show a can of soda turning into fat as it’s poured into a glass (shown above). A newer advertisement shows a man eating the amount of sugar in a soda.


Healthier Food Stamp Use Urged by Officials

The United States Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), more popularly known as the Food Stamp Program, was used by more than 41 million people in July 2010. Those are record levels during one of the more trying times in our country’s history.

Considering the fact that this means more than 10 percent of our citizens are on the public aid program, what people purchase with their food stamp assistance has become a bit of a hot topic in public discourse.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is advocating a ban on his city’s 1.7 million recipients of food stamps from using them to buy soda or other sugary drinks. That request for federal permission, made earlier this month, has its merits and should be considered. (more…)

Al Roker Newest Celeb Set to Run the NYC Marathon

Add Al Roker to the list of celebrities who want to cross “running a marathon” off their bucket list. Earlier this week, the Today show weatherman told People magazine that he is training for the ING New York City Marathon on Nov. 7, 2010.

Although Roker’s wife and avid runner Deborah Roberts says he’s nervous for the big 26.2 miles, he’s been committed to training and just finished a 20-mile run. He probably won’t win the event, as People reports that Roker just broke the 13-minute mile barrier, but kudos to him for going after such a big fitness goal! (Last year Mebrahtom Keflezighi won the event in a staggering time of 02:09:15.)

Running newbies take heart: Roker admits that he doesn’t even like running. According to the article, he believes that running is 20 percent physical and 80 percent mental. Talk about a mental workout! (more…)

No Soda for Food Stamp Users?

UPDATE [8/24/2011]: The USDA has rejected the proposal to ban soda purchases made with food stamps.

New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg has asked federal officials to ban the use of food stamps to purchase soda and other sugary beverages. The agency in question is the U.S. Department of Agriculture, which regulates food stamps. The request would affect the 1.7 million recipients of food stamps in New York City. The state of New York has also signed onto the request.

The request is part of the mayor’s anti-obesity push. The initiative has placed stricter rules on school cafeteria lunches and launched a public education ad campaign. Bloomberg and Dr. Thomas Frieden, the current director of the CDC, unsuccessfully lobbied to place a tax on soda.


Attention NYC: Don’t Miss the Free Health and Wellness Fair

New Yorkers looking for new ways to relax, stay fit and get active won’t want to miss Alive & Well in Brooklyn this Sunday. It’s a free health and wellness fair in Park Slope that will feature speakers, demos and more.  “This is a fantastic opportunity to try out different treatments without having to spend anything,” says Heather Alexander, one of the featured speakers and event organizer. “Pick up discount cards and get advice, then choose what you think will really make a difference to your life.”


Movie Theaters Must Post Calories for Snacks

Coming soon to a theater near you… mandatory calorie counts on the items you buy at their concession stands. Not only are those snacks overpriced, they have gargantuan calorie counts. Some of us may be aware of this fact, but when the numbers are staring you in the face, it may finally hit everyone how much those snacks are really costing us!

According to the Wall Street Journal, as part of the health-care reform enacted in March, the FDA will require not just movie theaters, but convenience stores and airplanes, among other places, to fully disclose calorie counts for foods that they provide in order to help consumers make wiser decisions about the foods they eat. (more…)

Best Gyms in New York City

New York City is the most populated city in the United States with a population of 8.4 million people. The greater New York City metropolitan population is much higher, with just over 22 million residents. Everything in New York is big, including fitness. Below are the top gyms and health facilities in and around the New York City area. (more…)