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Interview with Micah McCain from Bravo’s Work Out

Micah McCain was one of the “Sky Labbers” on the recently wrapped third season ofmicah mccain Bravo’s Work Out, a reality show that follows the life and times of the posh Beverly Hills Sky Sport Spa owner, Jackie Warner. What’s a Sky Labber? Part of the Work Out series is following a group of individuals who’ve signed up for Jackie’s hardcore weight loss bootcamp, Sky Lab. Micah was one of the lucky few to participate, and he lost 23 pounds during the filming of the show.

“I started working out 3 months before, worked out on the show 5 months, and it’s been 2 months since,” explains Micah. “Total loss of 71 pounds! I’m tired and I’m slightly hungry!”

Micah works in Hollywood doing a little bit of everything from “entertaining on stage, on camera and on the street,” he says. He has a new cabaret show that’s opening next weekend in L.A. and says that this experience on Work Out means he’s going to be much happier in the clothes he’s wearing while performing.

micah mccainI asked if he’s tried out Jackie Warner’s new Work Out DVD– and he exclaimed that he has not, because he has already learned the tools it teaches. However, anyone who hasn’t worked with the Sky team, he thinks it would offer an amazing workout.

When asked if he has any advice for those facing their own weight loss or emotional issues – Micah said “You’ve gotta mix it up!”. “Right when you feel like you’re getting bored of the food, you’re getting bored of the cardio, you’re getting bored of the training sessions, you’re getting bored in the gym… Please have the power and the knowledge to be aware that you’re getting bored, shake it up and find something new. I couldn’t run anymore. I was dying. I was like, I gotta get a bike, I can’t stop my cardio. And then I couldn’t bike any more, so I started taking cardio dance classes. Every time I changed it I got re-inspired. I would not let myself feel let down that I wasn’t doing what I wanted to do and fulfilling my mission of being a better person.”

Listen here to learn more about Micah’s experience during Bravo’s Work Out, and how it’s positively changed his life since.

Thank you, Micah!