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We Love Neuro Drinks

Water is boring. Why drink flavorless H20 when your tongue can be excited by bubbles or, well, flavor?

Unfortunately, with that flavor everyone craves usually comes a lot of excess calories and sugars, and despite the fact they come in liquid form, flavored beverages like tea and soda (even diet soda, which people seem to think because it is calorie free, it is an acceptable substitute for water) can dehydrate you rather than re-hydrate you.

Neuro has heard the plight of the under-hydrated adult craving flavor without junk, and offer a large array of tasty, hydrating waters that focus on every area of your health.

Not sleeping well? You’re covered. Libido needing a boost? Neuro’s got the stuff. Looking to drop a few pounds? You got it.


Lady Gaga’s Tour Drink of Choice? Neuro Trim

Lady Gaga Uses NeuroTrimLady Gaga has reportedly ordered crate loads of Neuro Trim, says the Mirror UK. Apparently, the over-the-top pop star had been using the stuff to curb her appetite during her international “Monsters Ball” tour.

Neuro Trim is a low-calorie diet supplement that contains green tea extracts and resveratrol, which supposedly has anti-aging properties. The makers of Neuro Trim claim that fiber from the Japanese konjac root swells to 200 times its size temporarily, causing the body to feel full. The drink also contains caffeine, for a short-term energy boost.