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A Lollapalooza 2012 Gym Playlist Will Rock Your Workout

The 2012 Lollapalooza line up was just announced. More than 130 artist will take the stage in Chicago’s Grant Park this August. During 20 years, the music festival has seen many changes, but one thing remains the same, music is priority number one. This year’s festival is loaded with great music and more.

Lollapalooza 2012 will take place August 3-5. While you’re eagerly awaiting the show, grab our Lollapalooza 2012 gym playlist and get festival fit while rockin’ out to some of the headliner’s hits.

2012 Lollapalooza Gym Playlist

1. Red Hot Chili Peppers – “Under the Bridge” (Blood Sugar Sex Magik,  Sept.1991)

2. The Black Keys – “Tighten Up” (Brothers, May 2010)

3. Black Sabbath – “Iron Man” (Paranoid, 1970)

4. Florence and the Machine – “Dog Days are Over” (Lungs, July 2009)

5. Passion Pit – “Sleepy Head” (Manners, April 2010) (more…)

Wanderlust Yoga Festival Offers Yoga, Music, Wine and Gourmet Organics

It is no wonder some yogis these days have acquired rock star status. There are places where yoga enthusiasts eager to deepen their practice can not only take a class from their most praised yoga teacher, they can do it along a backdrop of musical talents such as Ani Difranco, Ziggy Marley, and the Thievery Corporation. As modern yoga teachers join forces with hip and groovy musicians, the old days of dry, serious, and esoteric yoga gatherings make way for the new age, trendy yoga festivals where everyone can feel like a rock star.

Wanderlust, a mind-blowing music and yoga extravaganza, began as a reason to throw a really fun party and invite people who share like-minded ideals such as yoga, the arts, spirituality, environmentalism and sustainability, and organic farming. Husband and wife duo Jeff Krasno and Schuyler Grant put their heads together with their good friend from college, Sean Hoess, and the dream of creating something profound and enlightening became a reality.

Taking place in the gorgeous settings of Vermont, Colorado, California, and Canada, Wanderlust not only combines yoga with music, it also brings in top chefs and wine makers. A typical day might include taking power yoga with Baron Baptiste and then dancing to the trance-like sounds of the Thievery Corporation. Or perhaps you gain motivation from the brilliant karma yogi activist Seane Corn while she shares the stage with poet, composer, and musician Michael Franti. However you choose to spend your day, know that you can also be sipping organic wine and tasting professionally prepared gourmet food whenever the mood strikes.


Gym Playlist of the Week: 2012 Grammy Award Winners

Last night, music’s biggest stars walked the red carpet and filled the hall for the 54th Grammy Awards. It was a night full of big names, questionable wardrobes, and memorable performances.

Hands down the night belonged to Adele. The 23-year old singer took home an award for all six categories she was nominated for. She has now tied Beyonce for the most awards won by a female artist in one night. In addition to winning six Grammys, Adele gave a stunning performance of “Rolling In The Deep.” This was her first public performance since her risky vocal chord surgery a few months ago. According to critics and the overflow from social media, Adele and her simple gown and simple stage set-up trumped all the light shows and dance routines of the night.

The show was heavy on performances last night, twice as many performances as awards. Among the performers were Rihanna, Bruce Springsteen, Glen Campbell, Bruno Mars, Foo Fighters, Katy Perry, Chris Brown, and Nicki Minaj. Some gave great performances, some gave OK performances, and many are still trying to figure out how to label Nicki Minaj’s odd on-stage exorcism.


Adele Plans to be a Grammy Winner, Not a “Skinny Mini”

All eyes will be on Adele at the 54th Grammy’s tonight. The voice Americans heard from across the sea, and welcomed with open ears, took the music industry by storm in the past couple of years. Adele is nominated for six Grammy’s this year, including Album of the Year and Record of the Year. More anticipated than the awards she stands to win is her first performance since surgery on her throat late last year.

Even Adele admits, “I know I’m going to be fine. I’m a bit worried about everyone waiting to hear what my voice is going to be sounding like,” she told Anderson Cooper. “I’m nervous, but I’m more excited.”

The 23-year-old, with a voice that is wise beyond its years, has a beauty that is as striking as her songs. Like any woman with a celebrity of her stature her appearance has come under fire, but Adele just sings a little la-la-la and tunes them out. Fashion legend Karl Lagerfeld recently called her “a little too fat.”

In an interview tonight with Anderson Cooper, Adele says “I don’t want to be some skinny mini with my tits out. I really don’t want to do it and I don’t want people confusing what it is that I am about.” (more…)

Death Cab’s Ben Gibbard Chases the Runner’s High, too

I got my first iPod in the summer of 2007. I got the small nano model that would be easy for carrying with me on a run. I had just started running and needed all the noise possible to drown out my huffing and puffing. Among that noise was the gentle sounds of Ben Gibbard’s voice. Gibbard is the lead singer for Death Cab for Cutie. I was thrilled to learn that as I began my painful path to becoming a runner, listening to him through my headphones, he was beginning his own running journey, too.

Ben was recently highlighted in the “I’m a Runner” feature of Runner’s World Magazine’s February 2012 issue. He explained how he began an unexpected quest to becoming a runner in 2007. Just like many young adults, the unhealthy lifestyle Gibbard could get away with in his 20s began to catch up to him. He also explained how he used running as a good habit to replace some of his bad habits, such as heavy drinking.

Gibbard’s description of the pains and struggles he felt just getting his body to run those first few miles was entertaining. “I had to wage a war of attrition with my own body. One day, my knee would hurt. The next day, my ankles would hurt, then my shins would hurt. That went on for months.”

Even a rockstar can’t escape the humble, dirty side of running that all beginners must go through. (more…)

Gym Music Playlist of the Week: Post Turkey Day Mix

While I somehow managed to not gorge myself this past Thanksgiving, I know that most people can’t say the same. I say this not in judgment, since I’m usually just as guilty of being in a turkey and gravy coma by mid-afternoon. If you managed to ingest a few thousand extra calories, it’s time to start working them off.

Since it will take you about a week’s worth of exercise just to get back to where you started, let’s make this cardio workout playlist a wee bit longer. (more…)

Gym Music Playlist of the Week: Something Old, Something New

As I get older, I find myself more and more entrenched in my musical ways. I love exploring new music, but I think I love discovering older music even more. It’s either intense nostalgia for a perceived superior past or a slow approaching midlife crisis. Either way, as long as I use that passion for good, who cares, right?

To show that I’m not just turning into an old(ish) fogy, I’d like to put forth a workout mix that blends some of the great music out now and some from yesterday. (more…)

A Spooky Tunes Halloween Workout Playlist

By Tish Merritt for FitBottomedGirls.com

I love me some Halloween! There’s nothing more fun than a night of mischief. But there’s also nothing like a Halloween workout! So I say grab a jump rope and a treadmill or a short trail and try the following: Jump rope for an entire song, then run/walk for the next song. Keep switching between the two different cardio workouts until you reach the end of this 45-minute playlist. It’ll be scary how much your cardio endurance improves…Terrifying how strong your calves and legs will become.


Gym Music Playlist of the Week: A Cool Fall Music Mix

Fall is at our doorstep. Soon, the leaves will be changing, and of course, falling. That doesn’t mean you have to fall off your exercise routine.

Don’t let the cooler weather and less sun get your cardio in a rut. If you’re bored with your workout routine, now is the perfect time to shake things up and make sure the inclement weather doesn’t get you down. It’s especially important for guys like me to step it up a notch, because football season means more beer and snacks on the weekend.

Here’s a peppy playlist from some of my favorite new indie rock artists, mostly fresh finds for me, and a few that have been around for a while: (more…)

Add Music to Your Yoga Practice

Traditionally, no music other than the sacred sound of chanting or flute playing was tolerated during a yoga practice. Yoga playlists were certainly not sought after, as secular music did not have a place in this ancient method of self-discovery.

Today there are countless songs, CDs and soundtracks made specifically for the enhancement of a yoga practice, and as the popularity of yoga increases, the range of music played in classes broadens.

In some styles of yoga, music is still not played in class, however it is increasingly more common to hear uplifting tunes that awaken the spirit no matter the genre. While some say this is a distraction, others say this is an integral part of the practice, as music can be a pleasant compliment. Music invokes passion, reflection, empathy and satisfaction, which are some of the same familiar feelings that arise when we practice yoga.