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Massage Benefits Before and After Exercise

During an intense workout, the human body undergoes all sorts of different processes. Almost every system in the body chips in and focuses its efforts on keeping the muscles working properly. It is an inevitability that the body gets beat up during exercise. But that’s where protein and massages come into play.

First off, protein helps build and repair the broken down tissues from the intense workout. That’s why everyone these days is so protein-driven! Secondly, massages don’t affect muscle strength, but have been proven to optimize recovery. There are two different ways to use massages to help speed up recovery: self-massage (self-myofascial release) or professional massage.


Lose Fat, Gain Muscle with Milk

There are many drinks marketed as workout supplements to improve your energy, weight loss, or increase the muscle-building benefits from your weight training. Until now, you wouldn’t have thought of milk as one of them.

According to research from McMaster University in Canada, women who drink two large glasses of milk after a strength training routine may gain more muscle and lose more fat than women who have sugar-based energy drinks.


TRX Suspension Training: Lightweight and Portable Fitness

The TRX Suspension Training is a complete total body training system developed by Fitness Anywhere and first implemented by the U.S. Navy Seals. This system is extremely easy to set-up and compact for easy storage or for traveling.

Weighing less than two pounds, the TRX can be set up in seconds and is perfect for the home, gym, office, or hotel room. The TRX training system consists of hundreds of exercises that require nothing but your body weight. Each exercise is designed to improve balance and coordination as well as power, strength, and endurance. Regardless of your fitness level or limitations, just about anyone can use this system. From professional athletes who train for peak performance to those who train to look and feel good.


The Skinny on Muscle and Fat

Does muscle weigh more than fat? Well, there are two ways to look at this question.

Let’s take 10 pounds of fat versus 10 pounds of muscle. Ten pounds is 10 pounds, right? Yes. But, the 10 pounds of fat is much bulkier than the 10 pounds of muscle. Another way of looking at it is that a 10-pound pile of fat will take up more space than a 10-pound pile of muscle. So, more muscle would be needed to equal the space or volume of fat, thus making the pile of muscle weigh more.

That being said, let’s go into how muscle tissue and fat tissue are totally different. People often mistakenly think that doing crunches will turn the layer of fat into muscle. First off, there are three ways of losing weight (burning calories): diet, cardiovascular exercise, and weight training.


Benefits of Single Extremity Movements

The chest press, leg press, and shoulder press are all great exercises that target its specific muscle group rather well. But, what if only one arm or leg was used during each movement? By incorporating single arm and leg movements into your workouts you will isolate so many more muscle groups.

For instance, you are performing a body weight squat; which is a great lower body exercise (quadriceps and glutes). Now, add a single leg body weight squat; the focus is still on the quadriceps and glutes, but also incorporates core stability, balance, and recruits different lower body muscles to help stabilize.

Another great advantage of using single arm or leg movements is to prevent over-compensation. For example, a chest press is being performed and the right side (stronger side) of the body or muscle group is doing most of the work; thus not allowing the left side (weaker side) to improve. Well, a single arm chest press solves the problem of the over-compensation and allows both sides of the body or muscle group to be isolated more effectively. (more…)

A Beginner’s Guide to Kettlebells

The kettlebell is a cast iron weight used as a popular exercise tool in today’s fitness world. They are typically found in CrossFit gyms and athletic training facilities, but are becoming ever more popular at private training studios and health clubs.kettlebells

Kettlebell exercises are intended to increase total body muscular strength and endurance, cardiovascular endurance, balance and stability, and agility. They are used as a functional, total body exercise to condition the body as a whole. Each precise kettlebell exercise or movement is designed to engage multiple muscles at one time. (more…)

Chest Workout to Lose Man Boobs

man pushups“Man boobs,” or “moobs,” is a slang term that has been given to men who have an out of shape or flabby chest. Genetics play the biggest part in the muscle structure, but exercising and keeping in shape will decrease the likelihood of this happening.

The chest is made up of two main muscle groups: the pectoralis major and the pectoralis minor. The pectoralis major muscle fibers are a fan-like structure that allow the humerus to move in a variety of planes/directions across the body. The pectoralis minor is located underneath the pectoralis major and serves to move the “shoulder area” forward; like a shrugging movement. (more…)

Whey Protein Supports Weight Loss

whey proteinWhey is a milk protein that is a popular ingredient in fitness drink mixes. If you use whey protein in concert with a healthy diet and fitness regimen, you will have a better chance of developing lean muscles and lose weight. That’s because whey supports fat burning and gaining lean muscle mass when consumed before exercise.

Where Whey Comes From

Whey protein is a by-product of the process of turning cow’s milk into cheese. There are two types of milk proteins: casein and whey protein. Within the whey category, there are three major forms that are used for weight loss and fitness purposes: whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate, and whey protein hydrolysate. (more…)

Best Ankle Weights Workout

As I was walking to work the other morning, a lady with ankle weights and dumbbells in her hands power-walked right on by me.ankle weights

First off, this added resistance during aerobic activity strains the joints and can cause injury to the ligaments and tendons. Secondly, it just silly.

So, if you are guilty of this, please do your joints and your body a favor by hitting regular non-weight/resistance bearing cardio followed up by your weight training. (more…)

The P90X Workout Improves Overall Fitness and Muscle Tone

P90XThe P90X system is a 90-day fitness program designed for you to lose weight and firm your body. It consists of 12 muscle pumping workouts, three-phase nutrition plan, detailed fitness guide, and online peer support.

The secret to the success of the P90X program is “muscle confusion.” Most people often make the mistake of getting stuck in the same workout routine for several months at a time. P90X breaks each muscle group down throughout each of the 12, hour-long, workout videos. Each video targets different parts of the body, which does not allow the body to adapt to specific workouts. So, if your goal is to increase muscle tone, improve your overall fitness and cardiovascular endurance, and are willing to devote some time and energy, then the P90X Training System is the perfect workout program for you. (more…)