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How to Score the Best Deal on a Gym Membership

Who doesn’t love a great deal? Whether it’s a pair of summer sandals you found during a January sale or an amazing price on automobile insurance, these days it seems increasingly more important to spend that extra bit of time doing your homework and bartering your way to a great deal.

When it comes to memberships to gyms and fitness clubs, you can up your chances of walking away with an awesome deal by keeping a few things in mind.

Follow these guidelines to score a win for your health and your wallet.

Check with your employer. Many companies have deals with gyms that give you a gym membership at a significantly discounted rate. If your boss considers exercise walking to and from the microwave, inquire with your company’s human resources department to get the most accurate information. (more…)

Money Used to Motivate Weight Loss

It is no surprise that money is a bigger motivation for many than their own health. It’s why the cost of fresh foods becomes an excuse why we don’t choose healthier foods. It is also why some people finally quit smoking when taxes are increased. There is even a prize for weight loss, like on the Biggest Loser (both for the finalists and the at-home winner).

Since the first season of the Biggest Loser, employees have gathered together to lose weight together, creating a pot for the participant that loses the weight. StickK is an online community that allows users to create commitment contracts for themselves and wager their own financial incentive. If they do not keep to the plan to which they committed, the money they wagered is given to a person or charity – often one to which they would not generally donate, what stickK calls “anti-charities.”