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Dr. Oz Exposes American Moms’ Dangerous Pill Craze

This Thursday, Dr. Oz and fellow guests will shed light on a new underground craze among mothers in our country. The show is titled, Mother’s Little Helper: The Dangerous Diet Craze Sweeping America.

Dr. Oz will speak with women from across the nation as they explain their obsession with a new pill popping fad. These women will admit to feeling energy boosts, increased concentration, and some women will discuss how the pills have helped them lose weight.

Dr. Oz will interview one pill-using mother who said, “I feel focused, have more energy, and feel like super mom.” Another mother shares how she’s already lost 35 pounds while using the pills and yet another mom simply states, “I really can’t imagine my life without being on this.”

If Your Kids Shouldn’t Eat It, Neither Should You

More or less, my husband and I eat very healthily. Visiting family often roll their eyes at us for the complete lack of food in our house, or rather, food that they’ll actually eat. We limit processed foods and rely mostly on homemade meals made of fresh fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains. We, like most people, splurge now and then. It’s a life of moderation, we say.

The occasional burger during a Friday happy hour was never a big deal. This “sometimes” treat would always be regretted but nevertheless enjoyed in the moment. However, it recently became a big deal when our nearly 2-year-old daughter asked for a French fry at one of these splurgy dinners.

I cringed. He cringed. I very, very hesitantly gave her the smallest one I could find. She, of course, asked for another. At almost two-years-old, a French fry is a foreign food to her. I told my husband that our moderation should be hers, too, and that the occasional fry wasn’t totally out of line.

He disagreed, and the comment he shared with me really struck a chord. “If we wouldn’t feed it to her, we shouldn’t be eating it either.” (more…)

Single Mom Daphne Dortch Sets Sights on a Bikini Body after Biggest Loser 13

By Dani M. Stone

Daphne Dortch was going to be a lawyer. After earning a political science and communication degree at Eastern Michigan University, she studied for and received a certificate in paralegal studies at Roosevelt University. She was ready for the last leg of the journey, law school, when she got pregnant with twin daughters. As a single mother, Daphne put her career on hold to raise her children. After a significant weight gain with the twins, an unhealthy eating style and now, plagued with atrial fibrillation, Daphne, 37, enters the ranch at 271 pounds. She joins her brother Adrian Dortch this season on Biggest Loser 13.

Raised in Evanston, Illinois with her younger brother, Daphne was active in elementary and middle school, playing basketball and throwing shot-put for the track team, but says she’s always been heavy and always struggled with her weight. During the pregnancy from her twins, she gained 100 pounds and 5 years later gained even more weight while pregnant with her son. Losing the additional weight seemed impossible. (more…)

Single Mom and Student Conda Britt Tackles a Healthy Lifestyle on Biggest Loser 13

By Dani M. Stone

Conda Britt works as a nutrition technician for a large hospital in Rockford, Michigan. Every day she’s responsible for making sure patients follow their doctor’s orders in regard to nutritious diets and healthy eating. At 294 pounds, she sees weight loss success stories all the time and she’s ready to be one of them. Conda, 24, and her younger brother Jeremy Britt, 22, teamed up to be Biggest Loser 13 contestants to learn new eating habits and get fit while they’re still young. Conda has another inspiring incentive, her 2-year-old daughter.

As a single parent, Conda keeps very busy taking care of her daughter, working and even attending courses at Montcalm Community College. She knows she needs to take time for herself and that includes starting a healthy routine for the first time ever. In the past, eating right and getting exercise were not a priority. (more…)

5 Tips to Keep Up With Your Fitness After Baby

By Erin Whitehead for FitBottomedMamas.com

Committing to a proactive postnatal fitness routine is easy pre-baby, but with parenthood comes a variety of challenges that can land even the best-laid exercise plans on the back burner. So how do you stay committed? Postnatal fitness expert and Stroller Strides founder Lisa Druxman weighs in with some tips to keep mom motivated to stick with her postnatal workout—with the help of her BOB stroller, the official stroller of Stroller Strides.


Empty Calories Comic: Back to School Blues

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6 Tips to Feel Strong and Fit When You’re Pregnant

By Erin Whitehead for FitBottomedMamas.com

Some women love being pregnant. The time flies by, and they feel more beautiful and feminine than ever before. For others, it can mean nine long months of feeling uncomfortable in their own skin. Because everyone is a little different, I talked with prenatal/postnatal fitness expert and new mom Sara Haley for her top tips on how to feel strong and fit throughout pregnancy. Read on!

6 Stay-Strong Tips for Pregnancy

1. Move it, move it. Get up and move every day. By staying in bed too much, your blood and oxygen flow slows down, which can make you feel even less energized and motivated. Whether it’s simply walking to the grocery store or getting to the gym, the more you move, the more energized you’ll feel and the more comfortable you will be in your new body.

2. Eat regularly and drink lots of water. I hear pregnant women complain of constipation all the time, which definitely does not lead to feeling sexy. I can honestly say that I did not have any constipation during my pregnancy, and I credit it all to a regular exercise regimen, healthy eating and drinking lots of water. Eat often and drink more water than you think you’ll need. I don’t believe in “eating for two” (most doctors only recommend an extra 250 to 350 calories in the second and third trimesters), but perhaps think about “drinking H20 for two” instead. That way you’ll be sure to stay hydrated.


Single Moms at Greater Risk for Being Overweight and Unhealthy

In a study released in the June issue of the journal American Sociological Review, mothers who have had a baby while unmarried appear to be at higher risk for poor health. The study, which began in 1979,  followed close to 4,000 women between the ages of 14 and 22. The young women were queried every year until 1994, and every two years thereafter until 2008.

Those women who had delivered children outside of marriage reported being less healthy as they approached their 40s than the ones who had postponed motherhood until after marriage. In addition, those who began motherhood and then married reported the same health concerns. Those who married before having children reported the highest levels of positive health.

The study allowed for prior existing health conditions.

The rate of birth in the unmarried mother category has jumped from less than 10% in 1960 to close to 40% today.

The reasons for reduced health in this group are unknown, but many surmise that the possibility of a lower income level may have something to do with it. Women who have children when they are both younger and unmarried typically have  a lower level of education and this can be a deterrent to higher income.


The Word Mommy Doesn’t Have to be Synonymous with Fat

It begins so innocently. You spoon feed your baby, and he turns up his nose. “Look at mommy!” you say as you pop a bite into your mouth. “So good!” Baby pops a Cheerio into your mouth, several times a day. He offers you a bite of his dinner, and you want to play along, so you chew and swallow.

It’s the dreaded mommy diet. Not a classic weight loss plan, the mommy diet refers to the poor food choices that many women make as they raise a family. We devote the vast majority of our time and day to raising strong and healthy children that often we get lost. The stereotypical mom is heavy, amorphous and fitness is far from her mind. I dealt with this myself, as I added children to my family and pounds to my frame. At my heaviest, I outweighed my husband by 50 pounds and wore a size 20. Finding time to work out or prepare healthy meals was difficult, rewarding myself with food and finishing my kids’ dinner plates became second nature, and very soon I resembled that stereotypical mom.

We need to change that image. After all, we’d like our children to be at their best physically – and as parents we deserve nothing less. Let’s take a look at some of the most common roadblocks that moms face. (more…)

Learn How to Coupon to Save on Healthy Groceries

Turn on the television or pick up a magazine and you can’t avoid seeing the latest craze – Extreme Couponing. It’s a full time job for many women and it’s become the next big thing. TV shows spotlight shoppers who pay next to nothing for cart after cart of merchandise, and cameras focus on closets of toothpaste and basements full of toilet paper. You can’t help but be interested; after all, who among us hasn’t fantasized about being paid to shop and bring home food for free?

Having a larger than normal size family, I’m always interested in trying to cut my large food bill. The most I’ve ever been able to save is about $25, and although I’m happy to accomplish at least that much of a savings, I’d love to do better. I’ve thought for quite a while about trying to use coupons more successfully, but having spent some time cutting coupons from my local paper I’ve noticed that there’s just one small problem: The vast majority of the coupons I’ve seen have been for heavily processed, high fat or high calorie foods that my family just doesn’t eat. Is it just the reality of extreme couponing that you will have to sacrifice eating healthy in order to save money?

Stephanie Nelson, the Coupon Mom, has a philosophy she refers to as strategic shopping to help save money at the grocery store. “Strategic shopping is not changing the way you eat, it is about changing the way you buy the food that you like. If you are working on losing weight, improving your health, improving your family’s health or all of the above, it is possible to do that while saving money on groceries when you know how to be a Strategic Shopper.” (more…)