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Mitt Romney’s Diet — Is Mitt Fit Enough to be President?

These days presidential candidates have to deal with a lot. There’s the stress of campaigning and with that comes a lot of baby kissing, hand shaking and endless smiling. Then, there are the never-ending debates as well as the stress-filled wait of getting the vote totals so that they can decide whether or not to move forward. Now that Mitt Romney has secured his spot as the frontrunner for the 2012 GOP nomination with his latest win in the New Hampshire Republican Primary, the pressure is really on. That includes keeping his diet intact to keep him healthy enough to continue in the race.

But is Mitt Romney fit enough to be president? Can he keep his diet balanced enough to sustain his run for the presidency?

We did some checking to see how he has fared thus far and the answers may surprise you.

Presidential candidates are subject to their surroundings. They’re always “ON,” meaning they have to come in contact with and show support for their supporters. This means that food is always around, we are a nation of celebrators and more often than not, food is a part of the celebration. The campaign trail is no different. During his campaign stops between Iowa and New Hampshire, Romney’s team scheduled a series of food-based events; Coffee with Mitt (coffee is actually banned by his Mormon religion), Pizza with Mitt and Spaghetti with Mitt. Then there is the stop he made at the Iowa State Fair where he could be seen downing a corn dog, a hot dog and a pork chop on a stick. Not exactly the lunch of champions.



Where They Stand: Health Care and the 2012 Presidential Candidates

Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, Sarah Palin, Michele BachmannIn March of 2010, the Congress passed a set of health care reforms, spearheaded by President Obama, that had failed to be written into law by previous administrations. Yet as soon as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act was signed by the president, calls for its repeal immediately sounded from Republicans. A compromise for some, a huge victory for some and a setback for others, the health care bill remains the center of a fierce debate. The government’s role in health care is about more than helping citizens stay healthy, it is closely tied to the underlying ideals about how the country should run.

Both sides of the aisle agree that further reforms are needed to reduce the cost of government-funded health care, but it is the extent and form of these changes that is widely debated. Health care is poised to be a major point of contention in the upcoming presidential debates, particularly among the candidates vying for the Republican nomination.