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Miss Idaho Wants You to #ShowMeYourPump

Forget what you think you know about beauty pageant contestants. The courageous, strong, talented and yes, beautiful women who compete for the crown are so much more than pretty faces who can rock and evening gown. The newly crowned Miss Idaho, Sierra Sandison, for example, made waves by wearing her insulin pump on her bikini during the swimsuit competition.

Miss Idaho

The idea to proudly display her pump, instead of finding some way to conceal it, came from a pre-competition lunch. While the competition director was asking about Sandison’s community service platform, the topic of Sandison’s diabetes came up.

“Since we were at lunch, I had to give myself a shot, and when she saw the shot, the director said, ‘Oh my goodness you’re a diabetic.’ Then proceeded to tell me about Nicole Johnson, who was Miss America in 1999. She actually wore her insulin pump on stage,” Sandison told E! News. “That gave me the confidence to get one, when I first heard about Nicole.”


Miss America Teresa Scanlan Promotes a Healthy Lifestyle and Body Image for Young Women

Teresa Scanlan is the newest Miss America. She is also the youngest woman, at 17 years of age, to win this title since 1938 when an age limit was implemented for the pageant. Joy Behar, one of the judges of the pageant, commented on Scanlan’s “cute” bikini body that was a completely “cellulite-free zone.”

So, what are the diet secrets this beautiful young woman uses to stay in such great shape? Surprisingly, she does not use any “beauty tricks,” but instead relies on moderation, an active lifestyle, and her age to stay in shape.

A younger person will have a more active metabolism than an older person because a person’s metabolism slows down with age. This decline usually starts between ages 25 and 30 for women. Constantly putting your body through fad diets and extreme dieting can also slow your natural metabolism.