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Make Your own Water Enhancers Like Kraft MiO

Water is arguably the most important thing you put in your body – but it certainly isn’t always the most exciting. For the first time, Kraft Foods hopes to change that with a new product that appeals to consumers’ desires to customize their food and beverage: a liquid water enhancer.

MiO, which means “mine” in Italian, is a a zero-calorie, concentrated line of liquid flavorings sold in sleek bottles that contain approximately 24 servings and retail for the suggested price of $3.99. Flavor offerings include Berry Pomegranate and Strawberry Watermelon.

“This is the next big thing,” says Roxanne Bernstein, director of the brand told USA Today. “It’s an entirely new category.”

While there are certainly other water enhancers on store shelves, such as Crystal Light, MiO is different from its successors in that all similar products are powders. MiO is a concentrated liquid packaged in tiny droplet-shaped containers that some have compared to eye drop bottles.


MiO Water Enhancer Will Cure Your Distaste for Water

If you’re one of the many who solely drinks soda, juice, and coffee, then the constant preaching to drink more water likely falls on deaf ears. That, or you have a visceral reaction that involves a shudder and something along the lines of “eww, gross! water?!” Like it or not, we need water. Quite a bit of it, in fact. The average person should drink about 64 ounces of water each day. For those more active, a minimum should be half of your body weight (150 pound person = 75 ounces of water).

How much have you drank today?

Probably not enough. The biggest reason most people don’t drink water is flavor. We Americans love flavor, and water just isn’t doing it for us. But MiO can help. This new water flavor enhancer from Kraft is exactly what you’ve been missing, and could very well be the thing to help you transition away from all that other junk you’re drinking. (more…)