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Minimalist Joshua Fields Millburn Says You Only Need 18 Minutes to Get Fit

Whether it’s a lack of time, energy or cash, there are a million excuses that can get in the way of our staying fit. After all, exercise can be difficult to fit into our busy schedules. But self-proclaimed minimalist and best-selling author Joshua Fields Millburn is calling bluff on all of those excuses and he’s going to tell you why.

Millburn, 31, shares his “minimalist” lifestyle on The Minimalists, a blog he co-authors with longtime friend Ryan Nicodemus.

The pair define minimalism as ‘a shedding of life’s excess in favor of what’s important,’ which allows them to ‘spend less time and money on material possessions and focus instead on health, relationships, and pursuing their passions, among other things.’

Minimalism has affected all areas of Millburn’s life, including his fitness routine. Millburn, who once counted himself as “doughy, flabby and weak” at the age of 28, created a set of simple exercises that require just 18 minutes of his time and yield measurable results. His daily workouts paired with a clean diet have allowed him to shed 70 pounds and be in the best shape of his life.

We spoke with Millburn about how minimalism has affected his view on health and fitness, and how it’s helped propel him toward optimum health. (more…)