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Miggy Cancel’s Biggest Loser Elimination Interview

The first four weeks of Miggy Cancel‘s time on the Biggest Loser ranch she came across as almost cold, stoic and reserved. She and her daughter Migdalia Sebren seemed to draw in to one another and away from the process surrounding them. However, when Migdalia was eliminated in week four, a change occurred in Miggy that did not go unnoticed by fans. Miggy says her world fell apart when her daughter left the ranch, but she decided to move on and start new if she had any intentions of staying on the ranch.

The night of Migdalia’s elimination, Miggy was rushed to the hospital, where she would undergo emergency surgery for an appendectomy and removal of a cyst and mass. In the spirit of doing whatever was necessary to stay, and with Dr. Huizenga‘s orders to do nothing more than walked, she walked. Miggy walked dozens of miles each day immediately following her surgery; we also for the first time got to see her bright smile and laugh. Miggy was in it to win it. (more…)

Migdalia “Miggy” Cancel: Biggest Loser 9 Contestant

Eliminated Week 7

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miggy biggest loserAge 47

Hometown Pemberton, NJ

Occupation Chef

Team Color Green

Teammate Migdalia Sebren, daughter

Starting Weight 240

Finale Weight 149

Total Loss -91

Family Divorced, 3 Adult Children, 2 Grandchildren (more…)