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Childhood BMI Tracking May be Required in Michigan

When you’re the eighth fattest state, when over 800,000, or 12 percent, of your children are obese or overweight, and when 30 percent of your adults are obese, something has to change. That’s exactly why the state of Michigan could begin requiring to screen and report children’s BMI statistics in the near future.

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder tackles the state's growing obesity problem

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder will announce his proposal on Wednesday, September 21. Synder has made plans to have doctors begin providing body weight data to a new state registry. This move is viewed as one of the most extensive government efforts to confront the overwhelming problem of pediatric obesity.

Similar to how immunization records are reported, children’s BMI stats will be reported to the Michigan Care Improvement Registry, however their identity will be anonymous. These facts will allow the state to track the growing obesity problem.

Another benefit from this process is that the children will be in the private care of a doctor when these numbers are obtained. They will be with their parents and the doctor is available to offer more advice. Other states have attempted to track these issues at school and send the information home with very little advice or tools to handle the problem. Supporters of the proposal believe this is the best way to insure parents understand and receive help.


Best Gyms In Detroit

Detroit is the largest city in Michigan and is known for its automobile production. Detroit was founded in 1701 and currently has a population of just over 900,000 people. In 1950, Detroit was the fourth largest city in the nation, but currently holds the number eleven spot.

Detroit’s humid continental climate averages between twenty-four degrees in the winter to around seventy-three degrees in the summer. Due to the vast majority of water (Michigan borders five Great Lakes), the average snow fall is around forty inches during the winter. The cold winters make driving rather difficult, thus going to the local gym is tough during the winter months. Check below to see the best gyms in Detroit regardless if it’s winter or summer! (more…)