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The Biggest Loser Resort at Fitness Ridge Opens in Malibu

Update 10/6/10: Spirits are high at the Biggest Loser Resort at Fitness Ridge as they hosted the Biggest Loser 11 media junket Monday, October 4. Meeting the new contestants was a true honor. Contestants made a major impact as they shared their journeys, struggles and greatest hopes about their experiences. Bob and Jillian also attended to share their insight on the upcoming season. A highlight for all attending was the beautiful spread of healthy, delicious spa cuisine prepared by the Resort’s chef, Rodolfo Reyes, as well as the exclusive tour through the Resort, led by Ashley Johnston, Season 9 contestant that won America’s heart with her tenacious spirit and warm smile. It’s official. Everyone is excited about the transformations of the Biggest Loser Season 11 contestants, and can’t wait to witness their incredible life changing experiences.


The energy was high as the Biggest Loser Resort at Fitness Ridge opened the doors to their second Resort location in the incredible rolling hills of Malibu. In preparation for the grand opening, the Resort hosted a one week soft opening where guests were invited to experience the four-point philosophy of fitness, nutrition, education and relaxation in the secluded retreat environment of Malibu.

Former Biggest Loser winners Michael Ventrella and Danny Cahill participated in a national satellite media tour promoting the Resort’s opening as well as the Biggest Loser season 10 premiere. Daris George also attended the soft opening, participating in such activities as hiking, aerobics, strength training, education features and of course the delicious and balanced spa cuisine. (more…)

Biggest Loser’s Michael Ventrella Ready to Take on Childhood Obesity [VIDEO]

A healthy lifestyle is still a work-in-progress for Biggest Loser’s season nine winner Michael Ventrella. He was the heaviest contestant in the show’s history, and went on to win by losing more weight than any contestant before him. At only 30-years old, he weighed 526 pounds, and won the season by losing 227 pounds for a finale weight of 299 pounds.

With this much focus on the scale numbers, it was striking to learn that Michael doesn’t weigh himself anymore. He says that with the encouragement of his trainer Bob Harper, he now solely relies on inches, and takes measurements of his waist, chest and biceps. He proudly shares that the waist keeps getting smaller, while the arms and chest are getting bigger. He’s not just focused on losing weight these days, but picking up more lean muscle mass.

Checking in with us from the Biggest Loser Resort, where he’s spent the past week, Michael looks happy and fit.

Watch now to learn more about what Michael’s life has been like since leaving Biggest Loser, and what his goals are to ensure he pays it forward.


Biggest Loser Winners Helen Phillips and Michael Ventrella on The View

Tune in to The View on Friday, July 16 to watch former Biggest Loser winners, Helen Phillips and Michael Ventrella share their weight loss journeys and their success tips and strategies.

The entire episode is dedicated to the topic of dieting and who better to talk about dieting as former Biggest Loser champions?

You probably remember Helen’s amazing transformation in Biggest Loser season 7 and Michael’s jaw-dropping evolution in Biggest Loser season 9. Now, you can hear firsthand how these two inspirational individuals maintain their weight loss day in and day out.

In addition, the ladies of The View discuss the pros and cons of cleansing and the latest in weight loss procedures and products.

Check your local listings for show times.

Interview with Michael Ventrella – Biggest Loser Winner

Biggest Loser winner, Michael Ventrella

Biggest Loser season 9 has come to an end and what an end it was! This season marked the heaviest cast in Biggest Loser history. Just crowned the Biggest Loser, Michael Ventrella lost an astonishing 264 pounds, beating out some equally impressive big losers, like Daris George, Koli Palu and runner-up, Ashley Johnston.

“I surpassed my wildest dreams,” says Michael of his Biggest Loser success.

And Michael believes that his success will have  rippling effects on not just  on his life but his family’s as well.

“My mom and I did this together. We intend to share our new healthy lives with our other family members because that is just how we work together as a family: we share what is valuable to us.”

Listen here as Michael talks about how he plans on moving forward with his healthy lifestyle at home.


Biggest Loser Winner – Michael Ventrella

Season 9 of the Biggest Loser featured the heaviest cast in the show’s history. But, that didn’t keep them from making some amazing transformations, and revealing them on the live televised finale.

Ashley Johnston and Michael Ventrella faced off in the Biggest Loser Season 9 finale. Michael won the finale with a weight loss of 264 pounds. Ashley weighed in at 191 pounds, a weight loss of 183 pounds and earned second place for season 9.

View Michael’s journey below:

View Michael Ventrella's Biggest Loser 9 Journey Slideshow

Exclusive: Listen here as Michael talks about how he plans on moving forward with his healthy lifestyle at home.

Michael Ventrellas Facts:

  • Age: 30
  • Hometown: Chicago, IL
  • Occupation: Deejay
  • Team Color: White
  • Teammate: Maria Ventrella, mother
  • Starting Weight: 526
  • Finale Weight: 299
  • Total Loss: -227
  • Family: Single


Maria Ventrella’s Biggest Loser Elimination Interview

maria“I went to the ranch to save my son’s life,” said Maria Ventrella, mother of the show’s heaviest contestant ever, Michael Ventrella. “Then I woke up and realized this is for [me], too!” The consummate caregiver had arrived on the ranch with goal, to help her son regain his health and his life, but in her brief three weeks on the show, Maria found new motivation for herself.

Following her elimination, Maria spoke with us about what life is like now that she has made herself a priority, stating that “I’m important, too!” She also explains how making simple substitutions in her cooking allows her to still enjoy many of her favorite foods. Listen now, and then continue reading to learn more about Maria’s journey.


Interview with Maria Ventrella and Michael Ventrella: Biggest Loser 9

michael and maria biggest loser“I feel awesome!” was the initial comment from Michael Ventrella, one of the newest contestants competing on Biggest Loser season nine, during our week one interview. Not what you’d expect from a contestant who weighs in at 526 pounds, making him the heaviest contestant ever on The Biggest Loser. It’s a number he says he was surprised to see, and it comes with a host of health problems he’s ready to get rid of.

Michael is joined on the ranch by his mother, Maria Ventrella. She too was shocked and saddened to learn of Michael’s actual weight.

Together they are both learning to make big changes, like waking up earlier in the day, eating breakfast and even putting themselves first.

Listen now as we speak with Michael and Maria during their first week at the Biggest Loser ranch.


Michael Ventrella: Biggest Loser Winner

Biggest Loser Winner – Michael Ventrella

Keep up with Michael Ventrella’s journey in Biggest Loser season nine. Each week DietsInReview.com will update each contestant’s weight loss, as well as accomplishments, videos, and more.

Learn more about Michael Ventrella now!

View Michael Ventrella's Biggest Loser 9 Journey Slideshow

Age 30

Hometown Chicago, IL

Occupation Deejay

Team Color White

Teammate Maria Ventrella, mother

Starting Weight 526

Week 18 Weight 299

Total Loss -227

Family Single (more…)