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McDonald’s Offers 15-Minute Workout DVDs

Fast-food giant, McDonald’s, the creator of such jaw-dropping concoctions as the Angus Burger and the McRib Sandwich, has gone to a few commendable lengths in the past few years to lighten up their image among health-minded customers and nutrition experts. In addition to low-fat yogurt parfaits and apple wedges, they have also quietly added fitness to their menu of offerings.

In 2006, McDonald’s launched a series of workout DVDs called McDonald’s 15-Minute Workouts. Not much publicity was generated around the DVDs unless you happen to buy one of the Golden Arches’ premium salads and a drink. Then, you received one DVD for free. The DVDs were part of the company’s GoActive! Happy Meal for Adults campaign.

Today, the DVDs are no longer handed out alongside your plastic salad fork, but they are still floating around certain retail stores in cyberspace. (more…)

McDonald’s Happy Meal Makeover

McDonald’s Restaurants in Canada are changing things up when it comes to some of the Happy Meal options on their menu. These child-oriented meals are going to be altered to have lower sodium in such items as the grilled chicken snack wrap. While this change entails decreasing the excess sodium in a variety of products, my hope is that this will lead to impacting other menu items as well.

This move comes at a time when the focus in Canada and the rest of the world are working to counteract the obesity and health crisis we are all facing. Fast food restaurants often find the finger being pointed at them for contributing to the epidemic, which makes these types of changes extremely important.


How One Man Lost 15 Pounds on the McDonald’s Diet

mcdonalds-dietThis past Monday episode of The Rachael Ray Show featured a man who lost more than 15 pounds by consuming nothing but McDonald’s every day for one month. By eating only certain foods off the menu, Doug enacted the opposite of Super Size Me’s Morgan Spurlock who saw his health take a serious nosedive after doing a different Golden Arches Diet in his 2004 documentary. Doug’s successful diet was attributed to his smart choices and his daily exercise plan.

Rather than feast on Big Macs and Quarter-Pounders with cheese, Doug was very selective about what he ate and what he avoided. He created his own McDonald’s diet after a life-long battle with his weight. Once he turned 40 and after realizing that he had tried almost every diet on the market, Doug knew he had to make a change in his nutrition habits as he topped the scales at more than 200 pounds. (more…)