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Jillian Michaels Interviewed by Time

Time magazine sat down with The Biggest Loser’s Jillian Michaels to conduct their famous 10 Questions interview with the fitness phenom. As fans may expect from the notoriously tough-as-nails fitness star, if she had to pick just one exercise, it would be mixed martial arts over the gentler yoga, because “sometimes you just have to hit something.”

Jillian effectively deflects potential criticism for what could be perceived as hypocrisy over denouncing “magic pills” while being involved in weight loss supplement business deals. She also even breaks down, and admits to her guilty food pleasures: “wine and Turtle Mountain chocolate – peanut butter – coconut ice cream.” I’m not sure which product she is referring to, bu maybe it’s this ice cream.


John Crutchfield’s Biggest Loser Elimination Interview

john afterWhile many thought the elimination of his twin brother, James Crutchfield, the first week on the ranch would be a hindrance to his performance, John Crutchfield actually used it to his advantage to push through to week five. He says as twins they pushed one another, but after James left and John had an emotional breakthrough with trainer Jillian Michaels, he was better able to focus on himself. He’s also glad the two didn’t have to compete against one another throughout the season.

His elimination was an emotional one, as John was considered one of the people who truly needed to be there, as his starting weight of 484 pounds made him one of the heaviest contestants this season. However, just as John persevered at the ranch without James, he’s now persevering at home without the ranch.

Hear our interview with John in which he talks about the importance of finding a fitness regimen that is “something fun that will last forever,” like his love for jiu jitsu, as well as how anymore he can’t even handle the taste of salt or sugar. Listen now, then continue learning about his journey.


The Benefits of Martial Arts For Kids

childrens muay thai classThere are lots of activities that kids can be involved in. Soccer, swim team, ballet, gymnastics – my kids have done them all. Rarely have they been involved in a sport that I think holds life lasting benefits – until now. About a year ago, my teenage daughter asked if she could join the muay thai classes that her girlfriend was enrolled in, and I agreed. Well, it’s been such a great learning experience for her that I’ve now enrolled two more of my children in classes. They love the instructors, who make every class exciting, and the self-defense that they’ve learned has been amazing. The instructors keep tabs on all of the students, asking about grades and behavior at home and reinforcing the desired behaviors. (more…)

Kickin’ Butt and Takin’ Names with Capoeira

Capoeira is (via FortuneCity)

Capoeira is a form of dance-inspired martial arts. (via FortuneCity)

When I realized I had been successful with my weight loss, I knew that the hardest part of the entire endeavor was ahead of me. Losing weight is very hard, but I think that maintenance is even more difficult. I lost weight walking and running, but I knew that I’d need to mix up my exercise choices so that I’d stay interested and off the sofa.  While reading an exercise magazine one day, I saw an article discussing Capoeira – a dance form incorporating martial arts elements, originating in Brazil as a system of physical discipline and movement. Having taken years of ballet in the past, I was intrigued. So I looked online, found a studio near me that taught it, and went for a trial class. (more…)

Get to Know Krav Maga, a Self-Defense Style Fitness Regimen

krav magaKrav Maga is not some new health drink or Super Food. It’s a hand-to-hand military form of combat that was started in Isreal and used by the Isreali Defense Forces as a form of self-defense and unarmed combat. Krav Maga has been gaining popularity here in the states as a form of exercise and self-defense. Krav Maga fans include Jennifer Lopez, Christian Slater and most recently, Bar Rafaeli, Leonardo DiCaprio’s current squeeze who just happens to be the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover model. (more…)

Bar Refaeli’s Swimsuit Issue Diet

bar rafaeli swimsuit issueMost of us do a little last-minute toning work before we head to the beach. So imagine what we’d do to prepare for the coveted Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue! For current cover model Bar Rafaeli, it was cake. Literally. The 21-year-old Israeli supermodel admits she ate whatever she wanted and didn’t do any special workout to prepare for the shoot.

“They tell you ‘you better not go on a diet before the shoot’. Girls tend to think, ‘Oh my God, I have to be in swimwear, I have to look amazing’. They just say, ‘You better not, girl!’ And they just let you eat all the time during the photo shoot. They love that; they love their girls healthy,” said Rafaeli.

When asked about her typical regimen, her answer was simple, “exercise and eat right.” (more…)

Kristy Swanson’s Medifast Wedding Diet

kristy swanson lloyd eisler weddingKristy Swanson, who made her screen debut as Buffy in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, wed her boyfriend over the weekend, Lloyd Eisler, a former Olympic figure skater. The couple met while filming Fox’s Skating with Celebrities.

Kristy was a picturesque bride, in an ivory gown and her hair perfectly placed. She credits Medifast with helping her lose 45 pounds in time for the wedding. She also follows a regular exercise regimen that includes martial arts, jumping rope and running the treadmill.

For more details on the Swanson/Eisler wedding, visit People.