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Film Producer Lisa Cortes Documents Her Journey on the Martha’s Vineyard Diet Detox

Lisa Cortes has had a fulfilling career. As a Yale graduate, respected figure in the music industry, and co-founder of Rush Management, Inc., with hip-hop pioneer Russell Simmons, it was no surprise that when she tried her hand at the film industry, she succeeded.

As executive producer of the Academy Award Winning Film “Precious,” it became even more apparent that one of her strengths was identifying voices not often heard, and telling stories not often told.

But ironically enough, what she didn’t realize in the process was that she’d been ignoring her own voice for quite some time, specifically in the area of health.

“The stress of these [music and film] industries puts pounds on me and I’ve struggled with my weight for years,” writes Cortes in this month’s cover story for Essence Magazine. “I’ve seen artists go on extreme diets. It’s a roller coaster. I want to do something healthy for me.”

In her article, Cortes documents her 21-day detox experience at the Martha’s Vineyard Holistic Retreat in Massachusetts – a resort created by Dr. Roni DeLuz for total mind and body revitalization.

According to DeLuz – creator of the popular Martha’s Vineyard Diet –  the most effective way to lose weight is to cleanse the body of harmful toxins. And one of the ways to do that is by flushing the body with liquids to remove the toxins that hinder our metabolism. And theoretically, once the toxins are removed, the metabolism is sped up and the body can burn through fat more efficiently, resulting in rapid weight loss.

This is what Cortes is hoping for. (more…)

Martha’s Vineyard Diet Most Expensive, NutriSystem Most Affordable

A recent article by Forbes magazine asked the question “How much is your diet costing you?” and took a close look at seven of the most popular weight loss programs. They figured out how much these plans set you back during your first week of testing them. The presumption is that your first is your most expensive since you have to buy the food, pay any membership costs, or purchase a device like a juicer.

affordable diets

The results may surprise you.

The study looked at the following diets: NutriSystem, 5-Factor Diet, Zone diet, Abs Diet, South Beach Diet, Martha’s Vineyard Diet Detox and Weight Watchers.

At first glance, you may think that the most restrictive of the diets, like Martha’s Vineyard Diet which consumes the least amount of food, would come in as the least expensive. But Forbes reported that this diet ranked up just as high in dollars for your first week as Weight Watchers, namely about $380. (more…)

21 Pounds in 21 Days Diet Sweeping the Nation

Each year, a new crop of fad diets is introduced to the public. Most of these diets disappear soon after, only to be replaced by the new crop. It’s an endless cycle largely because the amount we weigh and how we appear to others is always on our minds. Ironically, while data suggests that our nation’s citizens seem to be losing the struggle with their weight, there has been an unprecedented demand for new and exciting diets. 21 pounds in 21 days

In 2007, a new diet took America by storm. Coined the Martha’s Vineyard Diet, it promised its followers a way they could lose 21 pounds in 21 days. News of the diet spread like wildfire. Soon, many popular media channels (such as Larry King Live) began profiling the diet. But, beneath the hype and media, the Martha’s Vineyard Diet does something differently than most diets.

Understanding The Diet
Instead of focusing on eating certain food groups, avoiding others, or shunning food altogether in order to lose weight, the Martha’s Vineyard Diet is centered around detoxifying the body. According to the diet, cleansing the body of harmful toxins is the most effective way to lose weight. The diet’s author, Roni DeLuz, claims that by constantly flushing the body with liquids, a person can remove the toxins that hinder the metabolism. In theory, once the toxins are removed and a person’s metabolism speeds up, the body can burn through fat more efficiently, paving the way for rapid weight loss.

How The Martha’s Vineyard Diet Works
Those who choose to go on this diet can do so for 2 days, 7 days, or the entire 21 days. Dieters are to drink liquids (water, vegetable juice, homemade soups, etc.) every 2 hours to cleanse their bodies. Exercise while on the diet includes yoga, walking and other routines that are approved by the dieter’s doctor. After undergoing this detoxification process for 21 days, dieters are encouraged to slowly begin introducing normal foods back into their bodies. The reason for going slowly, according to the diet’s author, is to allow the body to “normalize” after detoxifying. Foods that are high in saturated fat will likely be rejected if introduced too quickly.

Experts Claim The Diet Works, But…
Experts readily agree that a person can lose weight rapidly while on the Martha’s Vineyard Diet. However, they claim that much of the weight loss experienced by dieters may be the result of reduced caloric intake during the 21-day detoxification process. In fact, it’s possible that detoxifying your body so rapidly can actually result in a higher fat composition in the body. This can happen because the body begins to burn muscle as a source of protein.

The Final Word On Health And Dieting
While the Martha’s Vineyard Diet can cause a person to lose weight, it’s important to realize the benefit of a proper diet. Detoxifying your body is ultimately good, but rapid detoxification can have negative results. In the end, a proper diet that avoids processed foods and limits saturated fats along with exercise may be the best way to lose weight and remain healthy.

Article by Damon Zahariades