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Where’s the Beef?: Meaty Vegetarian Protein Ideas

Mark Rifkin holds a Master’s Degree in health education and is a Registered Dietitian. He focuses on plant-based diets to enhance healthy lifestyles and reduce eco-footprints, particularly for women, seniors, minority populations, and vegetarians. Learn more at Preventitive Nutrition Services.

Feedback to a similar article suggests that a vegetarian diet using legumes as a primary protein source just won’t cut the, ahh, mustard.  Some are looking for a bit more to gnaw on, and a lentil is not quite equipped for the job. However, there are plenty of options for those accustomed to meatier protein foods.

Tofu is the first obvious choice, but many tofu consumers are not educated on the nuances of the white cube of stuff sitting in a plastic tub of water. Gee, what’s not to like? (more…)