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The Geek Diet

Do you know more about gigabytes than healthy bites? The Geek Diet may be right for you. Do you know more about your iPod than a pedometer? Then the Geek Diet may be right for you. Before I get on a Jeff Foxworthy-like rant, let’s take a look at what makes this diet what it is.

The Geek Diet isn’t really about what you eat, but how you eat your food. Author Mark Faithfull’s mantra is this: “effective long term weight loss is about psychology not biology – we lose weight with our minds not our mouths.”

The book’s title is a nice marketing angle, but anyone can enjoy the read and take something from it. You might think there are complicated scientific formulas, but nothing as complicated as quantum physics. In fact, it’s elementary, my dear. Faithfull opts out of giving menus, stating that it gets more complicated that way. You’re given some basic rules that he says are easier to handle. Here’s a little more on the principles behind The Geek Diet.