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Empty Calories Comic: Dieting is Madness

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Healthy March Madness Game Day Snacks

Often, game days are associated with fried and fattening foods like buffalo wings, French fries and pizza. With March Madness well underway, you might be feeling the urge to indulge by halftime but that’s no excuse to forget about the diet goals you set at the New Year.

While the occasional indulgence is allowed – and in fact encouraged by many nutrition professionals – you can easily slim down your game day menu by replacing full-fat dairy products for reduced-fat and opting for vegetables as dippers instead of chips or carb-laden crackers.

Also, cook at home instead of grabbing fare at a local sports bar so you can trim the fat and calories from some of your favorites.


Throw a Healthy March Madness Party

by Descygna Webb

The month of March is upon us again, and this means it’s almost time for March Madness. Following bracket Monday, people everywhere will be consumed with watching college basketball games all day, everyday for the next couple of weeks. As teams get eliminated and emotions flare, you may find that watching games with friends makes them much more memorable.

You can throw a March Madness party and be healthy at the same time with a few simple tips. When you volunteer to throw a party, you automatically put yourself in control of the food that’s served, unless you ask others to contribute. This can help you keep things light and tasty without including lots of extra fat and calories.


Basketball Games To Play as a Family

It’s here: March Madness is taking over, and who among us doesn’t entertain a thought of playing basketball just like the pros? Basketball is a great sport that promotes hand/eye coordination, speed, agility and teamwork.  Why not plan a family activity night that includes some of these great games – challenge your kids to a hoop showdown!

H.O.R.S.E – One player takes the shot of her choice; if she makes it, the other players must shoot in exactly the same manner and from the same location. If the player misses the shot, he receives a letter of the word “horse”; if he makes it, players continue on without a letter. The first player to spell the entire word HORSE is the loser.

Around the World – Pick locations on the court for players to shoot from; the first player to make shots from each of the spots wins. If someone misses a shot, they are out and the game continues until a player makes all shots.


March Madness Commercial Break Workout

Well, we’re in the middle of the NCAA’s March Madness and you might be having a hard time making room to exercise with all the intense basketball games on TV.

The workout below is designed for you to get a quick, few-minute workout during the commercial breaks. Getting up and moving around during commercial breaks is absolutely beneficial. Increasing the heart rate (even for a few minutes) will spark the metabolism and burn calories even while you are back on the couch watching the games. This will also help prevent you from indulging on snacks due to boredom.

I recommend drinking plenty of water throughout the basketball game to keep the stomach full and hunger at a minimum. (more…)