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Biggest Loser Alum Ada Wong Joins Marathon Makeover

If you’ve ever wished you could run a marathon but can’t envision leaving the couch to run five miles – let alone 26 – then it might be time to outsource inspiration. Enter Marathon Makeover, a 40-week, marathon-training, wellness program to help inspire new runners across the country. Marathon Makeover has training teams across the United States like Oregon, Mississippi, Tennessee and Texas. Recently, the company announced its new online program led by Ada Wong, fan favorite from The Biggest Loser season 10. Wong will help inspire ordinary runners at all levels to train for and finish marathons and half-marathons.

When Wong was young, her parents ridiculed her for being “fat,” leaving her without a lot of support or encouragement from her loved ones. However, Ada’s ambition and achievements led her to earn a coveted position with Google with access to free breakfast, lunch and dinner from her choice of 17 cafes, which led her to make unhealthy food choices.