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Re-Do Your Lunch to Win $5,000 with California Raisins

Think that you pack a lunch that  deserves an A+ in nutrition? Do you proclaim that your healthy snack could ace a taste test? If so, then the new California Raisins’ Let’s re-Do Lunch contest may be just the thing for you!

From now until  Nov 8, healthy lunch and snack photos and tips can be added to the California Raisins Facebook page for the opportunity to win a $5,000 cash prize, a year’s supply of California Raisins and a donation in your name to the food bank of your choice. What do you think your community could do with the help you can give, all just by making a few small changes to your lunch?

California Raisins make an amazing snack, a truly awesome addition to salad,  and even taste divine added to dessert. But don’t let these ideas be the ending point for your creativity: using bento boxes, pack a lunch of lots of small bites. Try new options for sandwich fillings including peanut butter and raisins, or even egg salad with a bit of hummus and raisins (yes, really!) mixed in. Raisins are a great source of fiber, naturally sweet with no added sugar, and rich in iron, which make them a fabulous addition to just about any meal. (more…)

We Love Healthy Choice Steaming Entrees! [GIVEAWAY]

Rosemary Chicken and Sweet Potatoes

I’ve been a fan of Healthy Choice Freezer Entrees for years. They are delicious and filling, with appropriate portion control. Recently, I was sent coupons to sample the newest addition to the line, Steaming Entrees.

From their website: “Enjoy bigger, more vibrant ingredients in a smaller, lunch-sized portion. Steaming unlocks the delicious flavors of quality ingredients so you can taste and see the difference.”

Offered in eight new varieties, these 8-10 ounce all-in-one meals are much like the original Steamers, except that they are prepared in one dish, as opposed to two. I had a tough time finding these entrees, as they were always sold out when I went to the grocery. And with good reason – these meals are delicious.

I sampled three – Chicken Romano Fresco, Honey Balsamic Chicken, and Rosemary Chicken and Sweet Potatoes. I found all three to be of an adequate size for lunch, although I do admit that I needed to have a fruit or vegetable with the meal in order to feel completely satiated. Of the three, Honey Balsamic Chicken was my favorite. Chicken Romano Fresco was delicious as well, but with only three visible pieces of chicken in the meal, it felt as if I was eating a pasta meal instead of a chicken meal. It was flavorful and the vegetables were large and identifiable – always one of  my favorite points about any Healthy Choice Entree. (more…)

Video Series: How to Pack a Healthy School Lunch

With back to school kicking off around the country, a healthy lunch may, or may not, be on your supply list. With a few kids of my own, I’m all too familiar with sending them off to school each day with a lunchbox that satisfies my desire for nutrition and their desire for delicious.

In this video series, I explain how you can pack a healthy lunch that does the same for you and your kids, including beverages, sandwiches, fruits and vegetables and even snacks that everyone will love!

Sandwiches: The Main Goodness of the Packed Lunch

Check inside any packed lunch and, most often, you will see a sandwich. A sandwich fits the criteria of a packed lunch well – it’s portable, compact and filling. The ingredients that you choose to create your sandwich can make your meal healthy and satisfying or cause blood sugar spikes and dips. Here are some great options to keep in mind: (more…)

Healthy Office Tip: Try a Salad Potluck

Office Tip: Salad PotluckThe most successful diets all have some kind of social support, whether it’s exercising with friends, eating healthy meals with your family, or going to meetings to share strategies. Staying healthy at work can be challenging, particularly when you’re feeling stressed out.

At our office here in the Brooklyn Creative League, we have a fun way to eat healthy together: “Salad Wednesdays.” For this potluck-style lunch, everyone brings in salad ingredients. The building management provides the greens, and the rest of the office brings in toppings, from garnishes of meat and cheese, heirloom tomatoes, to dressing and sauces. (more…)

8 Ways to Avoid the Sandwich Lunch Rut for Back to School

This year, make lunch not only part of the back to school thrill, but something your kids can look forward to each day! Instead of dreading yet another PBJ. Let them pick out a reusable, insulated lunch container (they make some that match their backpacks!) and let them help plan lunches at the start of each week. Their involvement will ensure everything gets eaten, because they helped choose it, and will heighten their interest in nutrition, as you teach the difference between healthy foods and junk foods.

Don’t let yourself or them fall into the sandwich rotation rut. All of these ideas work just as well for your child’s lunch box as they do yours.

Taco Kit: Send them with a build-your-own-taco kit complete with shredded low-fat cheese, chopped tomatoes, shredded lettuce, seasoned turkey meat or shredded grilled chicken, and soft whole grain tortillas. Include salsa or a scoop of homemade guacamole on the side.

Little Dippers: Pack protein-rich hummus with a variety of whole grain pita chips, red bell pepper slices, sliced cucumbers and carrot and celery sticks. It’s all the protein and veggies they need for a deliciously different lunch. (more…)

Parents Sue McDonald’s Over Happy Meal Toys

They may be called Happy Meals, but many parents aren’t very happy with how they have to battle their children when they see their favorite cartoon character happens to be a toy in the popular fast food kids lunches.

Maybe they are at their wits end, but some parents have decided to take legal action. With childhood obesity rates going through the roof, some parents think that desperate measures need to be taken. Which may explain why last month, the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) served McDonald’s with a notice of intent to sue if the fast food restaurant continues to promote Happy Meals with toys.


Are you Fed Up? A Teacher’s School Lunch Blog Project

school lunchHave you wondered why kids have a hard time concentrating in class? Have you noticed a difference based on the foods they eat? If you have young children in school you have likely seen the type of foods being served during mealtimes. These aren’t exactly the meals that one would hope for their child. Not only do they typically lack all the nutrition kids need in such a developmental stage but they also don’t provide the healthy, whole foods that lead to higher concentration and learning in the classroom.

How can a child eating chicken nuggets and having drinks loaded with sugar possibly be able to focus through a math period? (more…)

How to Have a Healthy Lunch at Work

We’re all a little cash strapped these days. If you haven’t already started brown bagging it, you just might when I tell you that you could save $200 or more per month just by bringing food from home for lunches at work.

Not only do you want your food to be affordable, but if you’re visiting DietsInReview.com, you also want it to be healthy. Just leave it to me, your resident healthy eating expert, to give you some quick and useful tips that will have you feeling great, losing weight, and saving cash in no time.


How to Prepare Healthy School Lunches

Guest Blogger Terra Wellington is an actress and the author of The Mom’s Guide to Growing Your Family Green: Saving the Earth Begins at Home (St. Martin’s Press). In her book, she outlines a Green School Action Blueprint for making greener and healthier changes at your child’s school. terra wellington

For many years I’ve been concerned about the quality of the school lunches fed to my children.

A charter school was my children’s home away from home for several years, and that school didn’t have a cafeteria, so all kids had to bring a lunch from home – one of the best options for most families if you want to improve your child’s lunch diet.

But now that my children are in the regular public school system, it has brought back lots of childhood cafeteria memories … praying my milk wasn’t sour in second grade, shamelessly wishing for tater tots seven days a week as a fourth grader, and watching friends mop up oil off the top of pizza slices with an extra napkin in high school. (more…)

Healthy Lunch Box Swaps that are Good for Your Kids

The week of August 10 is Healthy Back to School Week at DietsInReview.com.

Even at my age, I can’t help but get the back to school butterflies. I have always loved this time of year. I no longer have a need for fresh packs of pencils, new backpacks or new notebooks, but that doesn’t stop me from wandering down the aisles.sack lunch

One thing that I don’t miss about back to school are the lunches. That food is still just as terrible as it was 20 years ago. I have a little girl who I mentor, and I’m just shocked every time I walk in to that cafeteria at the trays full of Crustables, corn dogs and football stadium nachos. Thankfully people like Chef Ann and millions of moms across the country are taking steps to ensure our kids are eating more filling, more nutritious foods to power them through their days.

If you are one of those moms responsible for packing school lunches, then consider these easy lunch box swaps this school year. (more…)