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Simple Fat Swaps to Better-for-You Baked Goods

If you’re like me and have a serious sweet tooth, sometimes baked goods are just too hard to resist. But with many baked goods being high in trans fats (especially the processed ones or recipes with shortening) and low in nutrition, they’re really best eaten rarely- very rarely.

There is a loophole, though — making your own! When you bake at home you know exactly what’s in your food, so you can nosh guilt-free. In fact, there are tons of tricks to turning a regular recipe into a low-fat recipe! All it takes is a little ingredient experimentation and some time in the kitchen. (more…)

Misleading Health Food Claims Confuse Consumers

Don’t you like it when you see, say, a candy product that is labeled “50 percent less fat”? First… 50 percent less than what? Second, it’s candy!

Over the years, as certain dietary concerns became the latest trends (think low-fat, low-carb, etc.), food manufacturers have tried to keep up the best they can while still selling a palatable food product. Maybe the best example is after the low-carb craze really took hold. While it’s died down a little, and research has come out to show that whole grains are a necessary part of a healthy diet, people are still carb-conscious.

Food manufacturers do a dance of deception around the labeling regulations, usually staying within the law, but still doing a good job of misleading consumers. (more…)

What Diet is Best for You?

John McGran, chief editor at Diet-to-Go, has been covering the fields of diet, fitness and health since 2000. He writes from the perspective of a dieter rather than a dietitian.

When it comes to slimming down, there are countless diet plans out there, so how does a consumer decide what’s a great diet for long-lasting weight loss?

Well, you don’t jump into the latest, greatest trendy fad diet. Baby food anyone? You also don’t opt for a weight loss plan that isn’t sustainable. Yo-yo dieting (the loss, then regain of weight) is extremely prevalent for a good reason. We try to totally change our eating habits, but end up right back where we started – overweight and unhappy. (more…)

Low-Fat Diets Improve Your Mood

saladThere is more than one way to skin a cat. And that strange and grotesque cliche happens to apply to your weight loss approach. There are many diets that will get you to your goal weight, but not all of them will also have the added benefit of improving your mood.

According to a new study, only low-fat diets will help with long-term mood improvement.

“This study looked at one factor, and prior studies haven’t focused on psychological factors,” says Dr. Ewald Horvath, interim chairman of psychiatry at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine. “This is a great study focusing on something very important.” (more…)

Mediterranean Diet Helps Diabetics

mediterranean dietExperts recommend eating a low-fat diet to manage diabetes. But, evidence shows that a Mediterranean diet may be even better in helping people with type 2 diabetes keep it under control without drugs.

A Mediterranean diet is rich in vegetables and whole grains. In a new Italian study the subjects ate the Mediterranean way, with 30 percent of their calories from fat (mostly olive oil). They were better able to manage their disease without diabetes medications than those people who ate a low-fat diet with no more than 30 percent of calories from fat (with less than 10 percent coming from saturated fat choices). (more…)

The Truth About Abs

Many people often believe that doing crunches and sit-ups will help get that six pack that they have always wanted. Well, by performing crunches and sit-ups you will definitely work the ab muscles and get that so called “tone”, but you will probably not get the result that you want without proper diet and cardio work-out. If you want abs, you have no other option but to watch your diet and do your cardio. By performing crunches and sit-ups, you are working the muscle under the fat and you need to burn the fat in order for that six pack to “pop out.”

Muscle tissue and fat tissue are two different types of tissue and you need to burn the fat tissue before you can see that six pack. Doing crunches alone will never get the results that you are looking for. You would have to perform millions of crunches to get the results that proper diet and cardio can achieve.

I have put together a few exercise tips that may help you achieve your desired goal: (more…)

Meet Tracy Anderson, Madonna’s Fitness Guru

Most of us can only dream about having just a fraction of the personal training wisdom (and discipline) that Madonna has amassed over the years. From a soft and voluptuous “Material Girl” to the muscular warrior physique she now sports, Madonna’s iconic body gets about as much attention, if not more, than her music career, chameleon-like wardrobe and her controversies.

A few years ago, Madonna was introduced to the pint-sized trainer and former dancer, Tracy Anderson, through her best friend Gwyneth Paltrow. Anderson helped Gwyneth get in the best shape of her life following the birth of her second child, Moses, and now this ballerina-turned-trainer is a fixed presence within Madonna’s entourage of stylists, artists, chefs and dancers on her Sticky & Sweet Tour.

Anderson keeps her tiny body and many others in fabulous shape through her own signature method that revolves around variety. From cardio to strength-training, Anderson pushes her A-list clients, like Madonna, to the max by having them perform hundreds of repetitions of weight-based exercises that work muscles at different angles so that the muscle (and you) never becomes bored. (more…)

Rethinking our health

Has anyone read Gary Taubes’ controversial book “Good Calories, Bad Calories?” In the book, Taubes debunks the widely known theory that the twin epidemics of obesity and diabetes in this country are due to an excessive amount of fat in our diets. Instead, he combs through thousands of research studies and data from all over the world and comes to the conclusion that these conditions are due to an excess amount of refined carbohydrates in our diets like sugar, white flour and other starches that digest quickly.

His book, although very scientific, is a fascinating look at how our emphasis on a low-fat, low cholesterol and low sodium diet may have been just a well-postulated hypothesis by the medical, nutrition and public health professions with no conclusive and definitive evidence by clinical trials to prove that these kinds of diets would in fact keep us lean and prevent heart disease.

So, if you’re willing to think out-of-the-box when it comes to what we’ve been told and preached to for years on preventive health and nutrition, this is a book that is definitely worth the mental labor put into reading it.

Lose weight fast? Medifast?

Medifast is a lifestyle diet program that can help you lose two-five pounds a week without counting calories, carbs, or points. It was developed by a physician over twenty-five years ago and has been helping people love their bodies again ever since. It’s an easy way to integrate healthy eating into your life without totally interrupting your busy schedule. The Transition, Maintenance, and Exercise plans pick-up where the original diet ends for long-term results.

The basis of the Medifast program is the 5&1 Plan. You eat six meals a day, so you are eating every three hours. Eating that often keeps you from getting hungry and provides you with consistent energy levels. It’s much easier to be motivated to exercise and stick to the plan when you are full and energized! You eat five regular meals each day plus one Lean & Green meal. The Lean & Green meal balances lean protein, such as chicken, beef, or fish, with salad and vegetables. The other five meals are portion-controlled versions of favorite foods like soups, scrambled eggs, puddings, and even shakes. The program offers over sixty different meal options, so there is plenty of variety.

The meals are nutritionally complete, low calorie, and low fat. They contain a medically designed balance of protein and carbohydrates plus essential vitamins and minerals. Most of the meals contain soy protein, which may help reduce the risk of heart disease and osteoporosis, but whey protein meals are available if you are allergic to soy. The meals meet all of your daily nutritional requirements while still helping you lose weight and feel great!

Learn more about Medifast