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Releana is a Patented hCG Drop That Guarantees Weight Loss

The hCG diet and its accompanying products, cookbooks and guides offers a niche resource for a small but passionate group of dieters who swear by the hormone to facilitate rapid weight loss.

Whether it’s an injection or drop, all hCG diets are flanked by an ultra low calorie diet of about 500 to 800 calories a day. Considered a near starvation diet by many health and nutrition experts, the lack of food on the plan is a major criticizing point for those in the diet industry. Who couldn’t lose significant amounts of weight by subsisting on such a sparse eating plan?

For those who are new to the hCG diet, hCG is a natural hormone which stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. hCG production surges during pregnancy. Recently, it has become a sought after but controversial darling of the diet industry because of its supposed ability to break down the body’s abnormal fat, causing you to lose inches and drop pounds very quickly.  (more…)

The Pros and Cons of Anthony Hopkins’ Diet

Anthony Hopkins is in his early 70’s and proving anyone who ever said, “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” completely wrong. Hopkins enlisted the help of his wife, Stella Arroyave, to give his lifestyle a complete fitness-makeover. That was two years and 75 pounds ago.

So, how does he do it?  He leads an active life and eats small amounts of nutritious food. It’s also been speculated that he’s a vegetarian. It may sound simple and old-fashioned but the fact is, it works! Gone are the days of his addiction to fatty foods. He’s no longer hooked on carbs such as cookies and bread and Hopkins religiously goes to the gym six days a week and only consumes 800 calories a day.

Back up for a moment. This nearly 73-year-old man goes to the gym six days a weeks and power walks on top of that? My instinct here is that he sounds too active to be living on only 800 calories a day. A certain amount of calories is necessary to maintain the functionality of your brain and body. Severely low-calorie diets can be dangerous. According to an estimation on My Pyramid, Hopkins should consume closer to 2200 calories a day. It’s worth noting that many studies point to the conclusion that our food pyramid recommends far too many calories. Restricted calorie diets have many perks, but going overboard is simply careless. I suppose it’s all up for debate. (more…)

Biggest Loser Meal Plan Gets a Tasty Makeover

The Biggest Loser Meal Plan is a meal-delivery service that provides you with convenient meals, delivered right to your door, so that you can eat and lose weight, just like the contestants from the hit weight loss reality series.

The plan, which used to be a joint production between the Biggest Loser nutrition experts and BistroMD, has switched kitchens and is now partnering with eDiets, a leading provider of personalized nutrition, fitness and weight-loss programs.

Anyone who has ever tried a meal-delivery diet knows that sometimes the food can taste fair, at best, but the chefs at eDiets are committed to making your weight loss journey a nutritious and tasty one. (more…)

100 Calorie Snack Ideas

Snacking on junk food can lead to the downfall of any healthy-eating regimen. We often eat chips straight from the bag or ice cream right from the carton, without paying attention to how much ends up in our mouths and stomachs. On the other hand, feeling hungry and deprived makes dieting much harder and less likely to succeed.

The solution? Pick a healthy snack or pay attention to quantity. Even sugary and fatty foods don’t have to break your calorie bank if you keep the portions small. From tomatoes to M&Ms, here to help is a quick guide to 100 calorie snack ideas that will satisfy that need to nibble between meals.

View 100 Calorie Snack Ideas Slideshow

Will a Trillion Less Calories Reverse Obesity Epidemic?

The childhood obesity epidemic is on the rise and on the minds of food makers. Recently many of the nation’s largest food companies said they will reduce the calorie counts of their products by more than 1.5 trillion calories in order to stem the rising national problem. In conjunction with Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move campaign against childhood obesity, the companies made the announcement through the Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation, which is a coalition of retailers, food and beverage manufacturers and industry trade associations.


Interview with Joel Gates of DozenDiets.com

Have you ever been on a diet? How many have you pursued? In case you haven’t noticed, there are a few out there. At DietsInReview.com alone we’ve reviewed more than 400 weight loss programs and products- and we’re no where near finished. What if you couldn’t make up your mind, and decided to try them all, or at least 12? That’s what Joel Gates isjoel gates doing this year, and you can follow along at DozenDiets.com.

With 2008 about to begin, and a desire to beat his long-time fight with being overweight, Joel began searching for the right diet to begin the year with (just as so many do). “When I started, I didn’t know what to start,” explains Joel, “I’ve done several in the past with varying degrees of success. I picked out those that I thought might be the most successful. I had some criteria- be able to cheat occasionally, stick with it on a daily basis, that I have confidence in and not too off the wall.” Joel also mentions that his health is important and he does take that into consideration when choosing a diet. Before starting he met with his doctor and just recently had a mid-year check-up to ensure he’s being safe about it.

Each month in 2008, Joel will follow a different diet. Half-way through the year, he’s lost about 43 pounds and 10% of his body fat. (Beginning stats were 234 pounds, 30% body fat) He keeps a daily journal at DozenDiets.com, displaying weight changes, body fat changes, food diary, exercise diary, cheats, successes and everything else that plays into his diet each day. Each month concludes with a summary, where he scores the diet on a 40-point scale, for ease of understanding, forgiveness of a cheat, ease of execution and results.


To date, he’s completed:

Jan: Low-Calorie Diet
Lost 8.5 pounds
Score 30/40

Feb: South Beach Diet
Lost 11.3 pounds
Score 28/40

Mar: Slim-Fast (tied for first place so far)
Lost 8.6 pounds
Score 34/40

Apr: The Abs Diet (in last place)
Lost 6 pounds
Score 23/40

May: Weight Watchers (tied for first place so far)
Lost 8 pounds
Score 34/40

June: Advanced Mediterranean Diet
Lost 6 pounds to date
Anticipates a high score

July: NutriSystem

Hear my interview with Joel in its entirety below. He discusses his experiences with each diet, which seem to be more male-friendly and which are definitely built for women, and how he plans to continue the rest of the year, considering he’s been far more successful than anticipated.

Lose weight fast? Medifast?

Medifast is a lifestyle diet program that can help you lose two-five pounds a week without counting calories, carbs, or points. It was developed by a physician over twenty-five years ago and has been helping people love their bodies again ever since. It’s an easy way to integrate healthy eating into your life without totally interrupting your busy schedule. The Transition, Maintenance, and Exercise plans pick-up where the original diet ends for long-term results.

The basis of the Medifast program is the 5&1 Plan. You eat six meals a day, so you are eating every three hours. Eating that often keeps you from getting hungry and provides you with consistent energy levels. It’s much easier to be motivated to exercise and stick to the plan when you are full and energized! You eat five regular meals each day plus one Lean & Green meal. The Lean & Green meal balances lean protein, such as chicken, beef, or fish, with salad and vegetables. The other five meals are portion-controlled versions of favorite foods like soups, scrambled eggs, puddings, and even shakes. The program offers over sixty different meal options, so there is plenty of variety.

The meals are nutritionally complete, low calorie, and low fat. They contain a medically designed balance of protein and carbohydrates plus essential vitamins and minerals. Most of the meals contain soy protein, which may help reduce the risk of heart disease and osteoporosis, but whey protein meals are available if you are allergic to soy. The meals meet all of your daily nutritional requirements while still helping you lose weight and feel great!

Learn more about Medifast