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Losing It with Jillian – The Mastropietro Family

Jillian and the Mastropietro family: Image Via NBC.com

On the season premiere of Jillian Michaels’ new reality series, Losing It with Jillian, the tough-loving trainer brings the Mastropietro family back from the brink after life got off course 22 years ago with the death of their newborn son.

This larger-than-life Italian family is poised to receive both a physical as well as an emotional makeover as Jillian moves in with them for five days to uncover the unprocessed pain and harbored sadness that has driven this family to overeat for the past two decades.

The Mastropietro family of Wilmington, MA is headed by Jimbo, the father of clan, who had unsuccessful gastric bypass surgery. He and his wife, Agnes, are serial yo-yo dieters but desperately want to lose weight and get healthy for their daughter’s, Michelle, wedding later this year. Michelle also had gastric bypass surgery, but unlike her dad, lost weight and has kept it off.


Interview with Jillian Michaels on Her New Show, Losing It with Jillian

The Biggest Loser’s Jillian Michaels gave us a sneak peek into what her new reality series, “Losing It With Jillian” is all about.

From a diabetic Apache family living on a reservation, to a cash-strapped family in Detroit, Jillian provides a wake-up call for eight families across America and helps them transform their lives inside and out.

On the show, you’ll get to see how she made cooking fun and nutritious with kids who normally follow a diet of white bread, sugary cereals and soda pop. In addition, each episode will equip the viewing audience with tips, exercise ideas and resources like healthy shopping lists and recipes that can all be accessed online.

Listen here as Jillian discusses the first healthy step all families can start taking today, and her suggestions for dealing with a family member who is resistant to healthy change.


Losing It with Jillian

Follow along below as each week Jillian visits families needing her help:
Week 1: The Mastropietro family of Wilmington, MA

– See below for background on Losing It with Jillian –

“Yes, NBC has finally lost their minds and decided to give me my own show,” posted the trainer on her Facebook page last fall.

The premise of the show will be a grand departure from what you’ve seen on Biggest Loser, as Jillian will move in with a different family each week. In an almost immersion therapy-like atmosphere, Jillian will be at home, go to work and school and be involved in every other facet of the family’s lives for a week helping them gain control of their health through diet and exercise. (more…)

Jillian Michaels Casting New Show “Losing It”

jillian michaelsIf you’ve ever dreamed of having even just a day or a week with Jillian Michaels, your chance has come. NBC has just announced that it will premiere a new health and weight loss show, starring Jillian Michaels, in the summer 2010, immediately following the Biggest Loser 9 season.

“Yes, NBC has finally lost their minds and decided to give me my own show,” posted the trainer on her Facebook page.

We spoke with Jillian, and executive producers Mark Koops and Ellen Rakieten, to learn more about her thoughts on the new show and what viewers can expect. Listen now as she tells us why she’s excited about “Losing It,” what we will see as she works with children, and how Curtis Stone came to be a part of the show.

Jillian says the show will allow us to see more facets of who she is and learn more about the methodology of the Jillian Michaels approach, things she says we miss on Biggest Loser. “I’m passionate about showing more of what we do,” she says. (more…)