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Michelle Obama Recruits Baseball Players in Anti-Obesity Campaign [VIDEO]

Michelle Obama's Anti-Obesity CampaignThe first lady asked Major League Baseball players to join her in creating a new public service campaign against childhood obesity. The New York Times reports that the campaign will consist of 30 TV ads and 30 radio ads, each one customized to one of the league’s teams. Another version of the public service announcement features Curtis Granderson and is being distributed nationally. Yankee center fielder Granderson is the campaign’s national spokesman.

The new PSAs are part of Ms. Obama’s “Let’s Move” initiative. Each TV spot begins a message from the first lady: “There are so many fun things we all can do to be healthier, no matter who you are or where you are. So let’s move.” The following sequence is illustrated with footage of the local team. The ad should have local distribution by mid-August, and will also be appearing on the big screen in many ballparks.

Other sports leagues may soon also get involved with “Let’s Move,” but have yet to be scheduled.

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Michelle Obama Announces “Let’s Read. Let’s Move.” for Summer Vacation

Summer vacation is no doubt a welcome break for students and teachers alike. But trends show that it’s not for young bodies, as children become less active, eat more poorly and can regress their reading skills by as much of two months. That’s why first lady Michelle Obama has set her sights on summer vacation as her next target for her Let’s Move initiative, a program which aims to improve the overall health and wellness of American children. Currently about one-third of U.S. children are obese or overweight, a trend that isn’t helped by slackened summer dietary habits.

In an effort to not only promote healthier, more active children, the first lady also wants them to read more, thus the announcement of the “Let’s Read. Let’s Move.” campaign. This targets mind and body. (more…)

School Lunch Program Asks Kids to Cook

Childhood obesity has been a hot button topic years in the making. From the First Lady’s interest in the issue, to Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution show, America is well aware of how school lunches and nutrition are affecting our youth.

A new documentary series, Food Forward, which focuses on the ever-changing food system and its effect on different populations, recently visited Pacific Elementary School near San Jose, California to film their school lunch production. Every day, the fifth and sixth grade students make 100 meals from scratch with the help of staff. That’s right, the kids are involved in the cooking! (What a novel idea… home ec, anyone?)


Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move Campaign has Personal Foundation

Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move fitness initiative, the rallying cry to end obesity in children in this generation, is rooted in her own childhood, she says. The current emphasis in discussion of the initiative has been on the nutrition element, but in the coming weeks, the fitness element will be unveiled.

“If kids are naturally active, they shouldn’t have to worry about what they eat. That’s how it was when we were growing up. Nobody talked to you about nutrition. You ate your vegetables. You ate what was on your plate. And you went outside and played. There wasn’t a need for structured activity,” she says in an interview from her office. “The physical education piece is about exploring that. In our nation, what happened? What have been the cultural trends that have led us away from that regular exercise and activity that kids used to get?” (more…)

Michelle Obama Launches Childhood Obesity Initiative with LetsMove.Gov

lets moveIn what is shaping up to be this generation’s version of Nancy Reagan’s “Just Say No” campaign to fight the war on drugs, today Michelle Obama launches her much anticipated initiative to fight the war on childhood obesity. The program is simply called “Let’s Move,” an actionable name that speaks volumes about the goals of the first lady and the organization. It is the first lady’s goal to wipe-out childhood obesity in a generation, a necessity to preserve the health and wellness of our youngest Americans. A startling stat shared by Michelle is that this is the first generation that will not live as long as their parents.


During a launch interview with USA Today, the first lady made it clear why using Let’s Move as a catalyst to stop childhood obesity was vitally important.

“The statistics are clear and they are shocking, and I have cited them again and again: One in three kids in our nation today are (overweight or) obese, and that figure increases for African-American and Hispanic children,” she said. (more…)