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#Ashamed Twitter Chat Puts Pressure on Georgia’s Strong4Life Childhood Obesity Campaign

It might be Friday, but we stayed in tonight. We participated in Leah Segedie’s Twitter chat, #Ashamed, to raise awareness for the Georgia advertising campaign by Strong4Life attempting to curb the rampant childhood obesity epidemic in the state. If we’d been at the bar like everyone else celebrating TGIF it would have been standing room only. According to Leah there were 544 people tweeting on #Ashamed tonight. “I worked harder on that party than any I’ve ever done,” Leah told us shortly after the chat ended.

To show just how powerful social media is, or maybe how powerful Leah Segedie at BookieBoo and Mamavation is, this Twitter chat was organized practically over night and had a lot of interest, as that count of 544 shows. Additionally, Leah shared other stats, like 13 million impressions and 4859 tweets posted in the one-hour chat.

Leah told us she had two goals for #Ashamed. “First, to petition Strong 4 Life to take the billboards down. Second, to talk about the issue in a way that’s not shameful and gets the word out.” The public outcry over this campaign has been loud enough that some have already been taken down. The hope is that tonight’s nearly 600 voices on Twitter will remove them from the remaining areas, like Atlanta.

“Just take the damn things down,” Leah shouted. “It’s over and done with.” (more…)

True Weight Loss Story: Leah Segedie

Meet Leah Segedie. Leah’s incredible weight loss journey started four years ago, when she weighed 253 pounds. She was an athlete, but an eating disorder left her binging on food and maintaining a size 14. When her father was diagnosed with mesothelioma, a rare cancer caused by asbestos exposure, Leah was 25, with a rocking PR career, and a voice inside that told her she had to care for him.

Watch this video testimonial in which Leah shares the journey that helped her lose 170 pounds in four years, in the face of an eating disorder, her father’s death, and two pregnancies that delivered her two sons.

Click here to watch Leah’s True Weight Loss Story video.