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Le Whaf Lets You Inhale Even More Kinds of Food

inhale foodThe creator of Le Whif, a lipstick-sized inhaler, has come out with a new product, one that can vaporize almost any food imaginable. The bigger machine, called “Le Whaf,” looks like a giant fishbowl and can easily transform any beverage into a low-calorie vapor, which one breathes in. Special packages of “essences” can be purchased for other foods, like lemon tart or tomato soup.

The machine was created by David Edwards, who is an aerosol scientist and professor at Harvard University. “It’s great fun,” says Edwards. “It’s an amuse bouche, a conversation starter. It’s a way of savoring the flavor of alcoholic drinks without getting drunk. Most of all, it’s a way for ­foodies to savor flavors.”


Is Inhale-able Chocolate a Cure for Your Sweet Tooth?

Inhaleable ChocolateEver wish you could satisfy your chocolate craving without the calories? Le Whif Chocolate claims you can. This little lipstick-shaped tube contains inhale-able chocolate that you breath in. All you have to do is open the container and breath in.

Each container is good for eight to ten “hits,” or servings, of chocolaty goodness and contains 300 milligrams of real chocolate. You consume 40 to 80 milligrams per breath, or less than one calorie. The makers say the particles don’t enter your lungs, but settle on your tongue so that you can taste them.

Le Whif is available in raspberry chocolate, mint chocolate and milk chocolate flavors. There’s also coffee Whifs available, for anyone who wants to cut down on their caffeine intake.