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Food Find: La Cense Beef

In my recent quest to shape up the way we eat at home, I’ve pretty much cut-out red meat from our diet. Once in a great while I get an unquenchable craving for a big ‘ole grilled hamburger, or I’ll nibble on a few bites of someone’s steak at a cook-out, but it doesn’t take long for me to regret it. I don’t know any better way to describe it than to say I just feel icky inside after I’ve eaten beef- I can taste and almost feel the grease in my body.

la cense beefUntil last night. All of my Food Finds are always healthy, unexpected finds I’ve made myself at the grocery store. I’ll be honest, this company contacted me and offered to send the product to taste. I was skeptical because it’s a mail-order beef company, and my aforementioned feelings about beef. As I learned more about the La Cense Beef company, I was anxious to try it, and for nothing less, my husband would be thrilled to throw a burger on the grill again.

I would tell if you if I didn’t like it- but it was quite possibly the best hamburger I’ve ever had. La Cense Beef is raised on the range in Montana and has a laundry list of admirable qualities like:
– Antibiotic-free cattle
– Hormone-free cattle
– Grass-fed, not grain-fed, which influences a cleaner, more natural taste in the beef
– No pesticides (more…)