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One American’s Journey Through A Korean Diet

“Sometimes love and appreciation for a different cultural food comes immediately. In Korea, the diet was a love I had to take a lot of chances on. It had to woo me, and I allowed it. Over time it has become a culinary experience that I will always cherish.”

These are the words of blogger, photographer and world traveler Andrew Phelps, who’s most recent resume addition includes English teacher in Korea.

During his more than two-year stint overseas, Phelps said one of the things that intrigued him most about Korea was the food. Born and raised on an American diet, the blogger says he was thrown into culture shock from the change in food the moment he and his wife arrived in South Korea.

“…Before I left U.S. soil to teach in the far east, I just assumed that all Asian food was similar to Panda Express. I couldn’t have been more wrong,” he said. “Korean food is incredibly unique to the Asian continent.” (more…)