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Olympic Volleyball Player Kerri Walsh Shares Her Fav Workout Gear

Kerri Walsh WorkoutFew things things inspire us to get moving like an Olympic athlete. Kerri Walsh, two-time gold medalist and mom, shares her favorite workout gear. Being properly equipped can make or break a workout, and we know Walsh spends a lot of time training, so she’s really got the insiders scoop.

Workout cloths should be comfortable and practical. “It is important that the clothing is made with a dry fit material to help with sweat,” Walsh says. But they don’t have to be frumpy. “When I am not feeling cute, I wear leggings to work out. I really love cropped leggings and a tank. Oh, and you cannot forget a good sports bra!” (more…)

Tone Your Core like Olympic Volleyball Star, Kerri Walsh


Who hasn’t been inspired watching Olympic athlete Kerri Walsh and her beach volleyball partner, Misty May-Treanor pounce their way on the sand as they blaze by opponents like Cuba in just a 36-minute game?

Beach volleyball

It’s their athleticism and their physical shape that is so captivating about this dynamic duo.  It is one thing to see skinny models lying around on the beach in a bikini, but it’s a whole different sight to watch women in world-class physical shape with real muscles and real physical prowess competing in a sport that is just as fun (and difficult) to play as it is to watch. So what does it take to have tightened and tone midsection like volleyball queen, Walsh? A lot. But don’t be discouraged. She has let us in on a few of her secrets that keep her 6-foot-3-inch body looking and feeling amazing. In addition to practicing on the volleyball court, three hours a day, Walsh also practices pilates three days a week. She feels that it has given her greater flexibility, strength and stability.

Her favorite pilates move is called The Teaser.  Here’s how to do it:

1) Lie on your back against a flat and smooth surface, like a yoga mat. 2) Reach your arms over your head and place them on the floor behind you. 3) Roll your torso up as you extend your legs about 45 degrees in the air. As you do this, bring your hands to your toes. 4) Roll back down and repeat 3-5 times. Remember to stay in tune with your breath as you perform The Teaser. Inhale as you come up and exhale as you come down. Keep lifting up through your core and extending through the front of your chest. Also, try not to let you chin dip. Keep your gaze looking forward and your neck elongated.

Pilates Teaser Exercise — powered by ExpertVillage.com

Practicing this move a few times a week may not win you a gold medal, but it will firm up your tummy and create a more sculpted and refined look. And with plenty of beach days still ahead of us, that bikini will never look better on you.