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Six Healthy Kentucky Derby Party Recipes

If you already have your elaborate hat and your favorite horses, all you need to do is prep your menu and you’ll have everything you need to celebrate Saturday’s Kentucky Derby. Even though the horses are making their famed run at the Churchill Downs in Louisville, people across the country should celebrate in style.

Celery Seed Slaw: Perfect for picnics, most cole slaws are heavy on the mayonnaise and pack a lot of calories into a little serving. Skip the creamy dressings this year and whip up a slaw with fat-free mayonnaise and less than 40 calories per serving.


Healthy Kentucky Derby Recipes

Perhaps you have already cast your ballot for the winner of the 136th Kentucky Derby, selected your most decorative hat yet, and sent out the invitations to your Derby party. Now, all you need are the recipes for your Southern style menu.

Usually when we think of Southern food, fried, breaded, crumbled and cheesy come to mind. There is no question Southern favorites are delicious but they can also send your arteries into a frenzy.

But worry no more: DietsInReview.com has compiled a list of our favorite Southern-inspired recipes that are just as good as they are good for you. From crispy chicken to berry crumble, we have healthy recipe makeovers that are so filled with Southern hospitality and yumminess that even Paula Deen might put down her donut burger and sample a few of your tasty and nutritious dishes.


12 Healthy Southern Recipes for a Kentucky Derby Party

Fancy hats, prized horses and a hearty dose of Southern charm are what await fans of Saturday’s Kentucky Derby. This is the 135th time the horses have made their famed run in Louisville, and it makes as good a reason as any for people across the country to throw a party.kentucky-derby

If you’re planning your own Derby party, or just want an excuse to make some Southern favorites, consider these recipes. Once again proving that when you follow healthier versions, it’s not impossible to enjoy your favorite foods while watching your weight.

Winning Fried Chicken
This recipe comes from the folks at Biggest Loser, who never sacrifice flavor. It’s a crunchy, well seasoned oven-fried chicken recipe.

Apricot Glazed Pork Medallions
Use one of the the sweetest fruits of Spring to create an unforgettable centerpiece for your Derby party.