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Kegel Exercises Necessary for a Strong Pelvic Floor

womanAsk any woman who has had a baby and she’ll tell you that her body is never ever the same. Varicose veins, wider hips, extra weight, even bigger feet – nothing is ever the same. It’s worth it, though, when you look at that little bundle of joy. (I’m trying to remember this as I look at my 6′ tall 17-year-old son.) One area of your body that suffers especially, and gets very little mention, is the pelvic floor. The area of the body that carries the child experiences tremendous stress and often becomes weak. With this, women experience urinary incontinence. That’s where kegel exercises, named for Dr. Arnold Kegel, come in.

Kegel exercises help to restore and strengthen the muscles that surround and support the bladder, uterus, rectum, and urethra – the pelvic floor muscles. These muscles are also known as your pubococcygeal muscles. (more…)