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Joy Bauer Discusses the State of Nutrition [Video]

A best-selling author, the nutrition expert for Today Show and the name behind a private dietetic practice, you could say Joy Bauer knows a thing or two about health and nutrition. A registered dietitian, Joy is one of the few who make healthy living approachable, manageable and realistic. That’s why we wanted to talk with her about the current state of nutrition. With obesity numbers continuing to rise in the face of a more attuned focus on our health, we wanted to check in to see if the country is as on track as we’d like to think it is.

“I think that we’re in a pretty good place in terms of people being really interested and wanting information on healthy eating and healthy living and exercising – so that’s great,” she says.

Watch our interview to hear more from her on the state of nutrition, plus common diet myths that we all fall prey to and what the snacks in the Today Show green room look like!


Shaq Stays Fit with the ShaqLyte Diet

shaqlyte-dietWhat is this world coming to when 7′ feet, 1″ basketball great Shaquille O’Neal is on a diet? I mean, isn’t this guy the Michael Phelps of the basketball court?

With the 2009 season at a close for Shaq’s Phoenix Suns, this 325-pound athlete is determined to maintain his weight or maybe even better, lose a few pounds during the off season with the help of registered dietitian Joy Bauer. Criticized for having his bulk slow him down on the court, Shaq is ready to start preparing for the pre-season in his off-season. (more…)

Tune In: The View Helps you Diet on a Budget

money in pocketThis Thursday, April 9 on The View, learn how to diet on a budget with expert dietitian Joy Bauer. As a contributor to Self magazine and author of Joy’s LIFE Diet, Bauer will share her secrets with the ladies of The View on how to trim down for spring and not spend gobs of money on expensive diet food or fitness equipment. With the economy and approaching bikini-season on the forefront of everyone’s minds, we could all use a little savvy know-how from the experts to help us keep our spending and weight down. (more…)

Woman Loses Half Her Body Weight: A Real Weight Loss Success Story

angela pattonNeed some inspiration to drop some weight? Look no further than Angela Patton, a 35-year-old woman from Indianapolis who lost 156 pounds through the traditional and trusted way of diet and exercise. Celebrated by registered dietitian Joy Bauer, her Joy Fit Club and Self magazine’s weight loss challenge, Angela once topped the scales at more than 300 pounds; but after being diagnosed with being pre-diabetic, she went straight to a nutritionist who helped her carve out a healthy eating plan. (more…)

Satisfy that Crunch Craving with Glenny’s

Any dieter will confess that cravings are their downfall. You want something chewy, or sweet, or salty, or crunchy. And sometimes- you just have to give in.

Recently, an issue of US Magazine featured actress Eva Mendes saying that sometimes, she just has to have Pringles. I’m not sure which variety of the crave-worthy snacks she indulges in, but here is what Calorie-Count showed for a serving (14 chips) of the original Pringles:
– 160 calories
– 11 grams total fat, 3 grams saturated
– 1 gram protein

The nutritionist Joy Bauer suggested to Eva and other crunchy-cravers that they replace the Pringles and other chips with Glenny’s Soy Chips. Actress Terri Hatcher of Desperate Housewives is a big fan, too! A 1.3oz bag of Glenny’s Soy Chips has less of the bad stuff and more of the good stuff, like:
– 110 calories
– 2 grams fat
– 7 grams protein

Glenny’s Soy Chips come in more than one dozen flavors- sure to satisfy anyone’s craving, whether that be salt and pepper, sea salt, white cheddar, barbecue, caramel, cool ranch or even apple cinnamon.

Check out Glenny’s for other healthier snack options like yummy little 100 calorie brownies, marshmallow treats and snack bars.

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