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Don’t Let Weight Limit Your Health Goals [UPDATED]

UPDATE 7/22/10: Josh Graston will be one of the contestants on VH1’s new weight loss competition series, Money Hungry.

Today’s guest blogger is Josh Graston, a fitness enthusiast and triathlete from Sioux Falls, SD who remains active in a variety of sports while striving toward his goal weight.

Josh Graston at the finish line.

Josh Graston at the finish line.

More than 70% of Americans report that they are active in trying to lose weight. When most people think of losing weight, they lean primarily toward nutrition. Nutrition is a vital part of healthy weight management, but a proper training regimen is also paramount to long-term success.

The fact is that regardless of your current fitness level or age, you can safely push yourself in the gym. One of my passions has always been doing things that people have said that I couldn’t. Just like in customer service you try to exceed your customer’s expectations, in fitness we try to exceed our own! For most people, the primary goal is going to be losing weight and inches. But having a secondary fitness goal is a great way to stay motivated when the scale stops budging. (more…)